Saturday, March 8, 1: Can some one help me to solve the problem jipson. Just bought Acer laptop with Matshita dvd. I tired the registery fix deleted upper and lower filters. However, my iTunes needs to reinstall in order to operate. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

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What is compatible with this drive? It dosen’t do dvds and is weird but the Matshita driver is near impossiable to find, help, please.

Saturday, March 1, 2: My Toshiba Xs laptop running Windows 7 has strange symptoms.

Sunday, November 4, 6: Windows Vista Home Premium solution works great. Funny part is that it used to work when I first got it, burnt about 50 DVDs with no problems and now it does not work at all.

Deleting the lower filter and a reboot is what also worked for me. When I insert a disc it will spin and the read light on the ROM itself lights as though it is reading it.

Monday, February 25, 3: I refrain from the obvious play on words here: Then Select Detect problems and apply the fixes for me Recommended.


MATSHITA UJS Firmware D Download

It doesnt read any thing. Thursday, November 27, 8: If you just google Matshita you will see just how many people are having problems with them. Your proceedure worked perfectly for me once I delted the ‘Lower Filters’ as well, after I tried the first proceedure as your other reader suggested.

Method 2 worked with Toshiba Laptop. Now ive had it again, purchased a second drive hoping i could overcome it, but no dice, same problem Found your post, you are a champ Easy to understand aswell Thanks again.

I went to Device Manager and uninstalled the driver for the dvd drive. I have a Sony Vaio laptop about 6 months old.

MATSHITA DVD-RAM UJ-845S Firmware D201 download

This procedure involves editing the Registry. In the details pane of Registry Editor, on the right side, click LowerFilters.

In the right pane, click to select the UpperFilters registry value. I have a Ferrari with a c that suddenly quit responding. Unknowingly I have changed the region code of this drive to the maximum limited number of times and thus I am now not able to run any Masthita for my region. Worked great on my Acer Aspire with Vista. I don’t want to do that since it will destroy my carefully customized system and it’s no guarantee that the problem wasn’t caused by Vista Home Premium SP1 and I’ll have to reinstall years of stuff.



I had a similar issues, the drive would not read cd-r. Saturday, November 1, 8: I have not used the CD-ROM a lot, since most of my computer work is on the internet, but after 7 months, I wanted to play a CD, and the drive simply didn’t exist. Thank you very much! Tuesday, April 8, 5: Tuesday, November 27, I have the matshita dvd ram UJS and I popped in a game disc today and nothing happens,I went into device manager and its showing this message now, Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware.

Are you sure you want ij845s delete this value? Note You may also see an UpperFilters. Yes Read Digital Audio: