DBUS service running Anything else I can help you just write me. When I try to start jack jackd -R -d firewire; or with qjackctl, same thing happens , I get these errors -. Can anyone report successful playback? Also, you can get linux audio to work on an old laptop or a not so old netbook that doesn’t have firewire, but an USB interface would do. I was today in a conference about M-audio’s products by the way, expect none support with Linux from them!

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If I use Audacity I don’t have problems, but I don’t get any sound for example in gnome desktop.

I did some search on the Roland product, and the FA looks very very nice. While this is fine for applications like audacity and ardour which can use JACK directly, it doesn’t help software which only uses the more commmon ALSA sound system. However, I have not used any of these and therefore I can’t give any pointers as to the best way for you to proifre.

M-Audio ProFire 610

profird Firewire interfaces are somewhat difficult to put to work in Linux, but if you take a look in ffado.

Yet I’m about to build up a home-studio config.

I also added some notes about testing the generic Dice mixer. For further information refer to my reply on the 28th.


linux-audio-user – M-Audio ProFire

Good news is that ProFire is recognized by ffado, also the ffado-mixer starts and does not crash and shows some basic info, like sample rate, clock source etc. Correct me if I’m wrong about this data. If this profirr an issue, upgrade libraw to version 2. Can anybody says about this samplerate on WIN? I would definitely recommend this interface, it has worked fine for me under linux. Search everywhere only in this topic.

Can anyone report successful playback?

M Audio Profire and FFADO – no clue how to set it up – LinuxMusicians

Perhaps others might provide feedback. Shall we take another try?

I had a hard time trying to get ProFire working on my laptop with Ubuntu Studio 9. For now, the only feasible option is to look into some of the bridging solutions which make JACK ports available to either ALSA low levelor one of the rpofire level desktop-orientated systems such as pulseaudio.

ProFire 610

Device is a DICE device Free forum by Nabble. I used it with power adapter without any problems. DBUS service running If you require further information about any of this please let us know in a follow-up.

Apologies for the delay in getting this published: I haven’t had the time to do so, but as soon as I do I will publish a how-to. However, this work is currently stalled due to higher priority tasks and I have no idea when it might become usable.


I have ubuntu The only issue is that m-aduio have to do certain additional configurations to your system to be able to use its four output. On FriNicanor Garcia wrote: Any clue to fix it, I’ll really appreciate.

I am a command line newb, so if you can give me advice, i will give you feedback asap! Working against trunk with this diff I don’t know the mailing list address, yet. In my little knowledge, I’ve heard that USB audio interfaces work better on linux.

Error creating FFADO streaming device cannot load driver module firewire no message buffer overruns I have jack and qjackctl installed from the repos, not from svn. But It not work on khz, I m-auddio a noise sync clicks evrytime, I play music from different audioplayers and set different buffer setup and periods for jackd.