This card is perfect for me with no latency or cubase sx guitar rig, good dynamic clear sound, always been stable, with an average pc amd athlon x2 , 2GB and seven sub xp config without problems.. I perform a reasonable mix that rarely exceed 10 tracks. First after installing the May Patches, two ‘new’ patches came up in the list to install: Other than that, it seemed everything else functioned fine. I’m sticking with Linux, open software and open hardware from now on.

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It will forever be working under versions of Puppy Linux as 5. Win 7 does recognize the card and is set up as my main audio device.

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Ma config was lighter than now. This has served me well in multiple machines but doesn’t fit in my new PC. September 24, Ulf M November 03, Using updated Win7 with 6. For various reasons, I am being forced to upgrade from my audlo Windows 7 machine to a new computer and Windows Create a new topic About this Question uadio He uses GarageBand, Cubasis and a couple of other apps for drums and guitar amp sims.

Now click on Startup Settings. When I pointing Windows to the driver he refuses akdio recognize the 6. Recording on the iPad, a newbie question. Make sure you are doing this from an Admin account, as sometimes it’s not enough to just authorize as an admin from a normal user account.


I perform a reasonable mix that rarely exceed 10 tracks. I’ll be using my Zoom B3 as a recording interface.

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Barry Grover June 01, Hi Jose, Perhaps I can help here. Beginners Value For Money: Knowing what I know now I’d go with a higher quality USB or fire wire interface but back then they weren’t an option so had to work with what was ddlta. Actually it’s advisable to keep that running and use that for your main Windows sound out. Very handy for software that does not function Export audio.

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You should be able to run the driver installer from the download, and it should just work though. Latency is imperceptible, even under 44khz. I’ve had continuous problems with audiophile drivers in the updating of Win 7 and Sonar. I’ve had this for a while and gigged with it!

Jet fighter talk but, seriously – open your machine – pop it in – load the drivers disk and get on with your music. Abbleton, Cubase audoi and others.

I found this fix. Simple to get very low latency.


Audiophie24/ Windowsbit, driver.

I worked for a week with an M-Box Digidesign. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. My experience has been that no matter how many buffer settings you change, at some point when you are laying down that 3rd guitar part or a new bass line, you will get latency.

The jury is definitely out on whether one method is preferred over the other, but software packages that do a good job of RIAA EQ cost a fair packet, and phono-pres without RIAA cost more than their EQ’d counterpart strangely. However, if I have more money I would turn to Digidesign and Apogee again, but probably I will keep this card in a corner or on the PC, if that reference sound. If I had a choice I’m not sure I prefer the sound of the Digidesign because it is crystal clear and flattering can not always be indicated, depending on the type of production on which bump and that the we want to do the mix.

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