I don’t know if the 1st one I got is defective or not. Papasha to staticfree6 Member Feb With that disabled the wifi cannot start with any driver. Linksys Tech Support says there is no fix at this time and cannot say when or if they can fix the bug I reported. Where are all the settings to assign ip address reservations?

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But I am not laughing. If they get enough customers showing concern, hopefully they will give it higher priority. But the chances of that are very slim indeed I guess.

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I am sure you will know which one when you read it because it is about the same problems I am reporting here. If anyone has any other pieces of advice, please send them, I’m frustrated as all get out here. I returned my recent Dlink DI router set just last week for same reason. I would suggest you start with the default Windows driver and then try the driver from the link provided.

Welcome to Windows 7 Forums. Then it continued to drop packets every few minutes. Wireless is the pits though. Originally Posted by magidad.

I’m not venturing too far into the lnksys craze until a standard is ratified. Very quirky even when the Vista workaround tricks are applied.


So it is the router. All wireless problems I have reported happen regardless of what is plugged into the wired side of the router.

There needs to be a linksys support group that will take trouble reports for this model as it is definitely flawed. Find More Posts by zigzag I had to disable the card and re-enable it to get it to connect properly with a But the card just doesn’t recognize any DocLarge Premium Member Feb 9: Almost immediately after invoking the “My Network Places” llnksys to get to the remote shared drive, the ping responses would start dropping with time outs!

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Totally did not associate properly. Another thing I am surprise and disappointed in is the lack of features in their setup config utility.

Buy it and let us know if it doesn’t work; somebody is going to know about it Please don’t feel picked on Linksys, all other company Brand names are releasing similar non-functional Draft-N junk.

Papasha to staticfree6 Member Feb No one likes to be the test case for new products we expect to work right out of the box, but we’ve finally got linksys to realize the “best case” test scenarios they run in their “sterile” environments are inaccurate as compared to what the “end users” experience when they open the box, plug the router in, and then can’t get a connection to the internet because of “[insert problem here].


DocLarge to staticfree6 Premium Member Feb 3: They’re not always going to peg the problem in the windos shot, but, again, they’re reciprocating the user requests for improvement and that’s now happening on a liknsys to 45 day basis sooner depending upon how fast they locate the issue.

Does this mean they changed and fixed the concern for tying up port for other applications? If they didn’t come with any, the next step would be to borrow some wireless cards if you can and guage the difference in performance.

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DocLarge Premium Member join: Most commented news last week [78] Wednesday Morning Links [45] Grab that coffee! Only time will tell when I get the 2nd replacement router to try out. I’m running a 32 bit version on my intel linksyw duo 2 processor. If they fix this bug, as I said, I think it would be an excellent router.