The second battery can be used in place of the optical drive, so that the notebook can work for a whole day, you don’t have to plug it to the mains. This hardware configuration is typical of ultraportable notebooks. The interface alignment turned out to be quite user-friendly during our test, particularly during mobile use. We also published the performance score in parentheses for the Productivity scenario. Write a comment below. The fan achieves a maximum noise level of The bottom heats noticeably, when you use the notebook for a long time under heavy load.

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This does not only feel pleasant, but helps to keep the felt temperatures down, which comes in handy if the notebook is used on the lap. Lifeboko dwarf with endurance.

It allows to quickly backup and restore data.

Fujitsu LifeBook P Review

A bit higher are the results at camerq bottom side of the notebook. This is supported by the reflecting surface, which emphasises colours. Some precision is required to avoid accidentally hitting several keys at once.

You can see from the HDTune benchmark that tests hard drive performance that this drive is quite slow:. As this is a small panel, we haven’t tested backlight uniformity. Yes, Aero works on the P view large image. It is possible to upgrade to two gigabyte, but there is only one memory slot available. Fujitsu-Siemens lists magnesium as ,ifebookwhich pifebook low weight with excellent stability.


It’s not as refined as the Q, of course, but cameda paternity is evident. Right side view large image. The LED display offers a usable resolution of x pixel in The subnotebook’s focus on low energy consumption has also a positive effect on the temperature measured on the case surface.

Even though the new wireless standard Another interesting feature is the changeable slot, which can either be filled with an optical drive or an additonal battery. Our test sample was equipped with one gigabyte system memory.

There is a small “rough” touchpad with two buttons and a fingerprint sensor between them below the keyboard. Although the speakers were too soft to comfortably watch to a DVD movie, even at maximum volume, the three hours playback indicates that under normal circumstances this unit will keep on without a power source for a considerable amount of time. So all the LEDs are visible when the notebook is closed or open.

The first is replacing the DVD drive with a second battery.

A disadvantage in this respect is certainly the camdra displaywhich can cause heavy reflections in unfavourable viewing angles. This is enough to use all office applications without restriction and to keep track of everything that is going on.


The keyboard, though small, was comfortable to type on as none of the most commonly used keys have been downsized to fit.

Their size is similar to the F-keys and the function keys like delete and insert, which are located in the same row. But don’t forget that MobileMark does not use multiprocessing.

The P is light for easy transport 1. The same is true for the long battery runtime and the option to add an supplement battery in case of very high mobility requirements.

Fujitsu LifeBook P Specs – CNET

Horizontal viewing angles are good while vertical angles are okay as far as notebook screens go. A Cmera card for the wireless module is installed under a battery into a standard slot. You’d better use high-quality headphones or a Bluetooth headset for music and movies.

The integrated speakers livebook just about handle Windows sounds, but earphones are strongly recommended to enjoy music. The mouse buttons are small and stiff, I think Fujitsu could have done better here.

Review FSC Lifebook P7230 Subnotebook

The case material is a mag-alloy construction. Add to this a 3cm 1. The P has a