Which Apple devices are compatible with the Lexar Media Manager app? A hardware-based encryption uses the memory space within the device itself, eliminating the risk of access by other processes external to the flash drive. Click the checkmark at the top right to save the text file. Existing FireWire devices can be plugged into either type of port with the appropriate cable. The strength of your password will be determined by the criteria you select. For an encrypted backup plan, you need to first restore the file to your computer before it can be opened. Follow the prompt and re-enter the password to confirm.

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Please read this document prior to installing startt software on your JumpDrive. If you receive this error, please reboot your system. When Image Rescue 5 launches the scan window will be displayed. Typically used on an fixed hard drive, rather than removable storage. Is it faster than the FireWire readers? How do I get the login application to start automatically?

Once you have completed the above steps, you will be able to re-configure your drive utilizing the 3. Operating within the Program Double Click on the vault icon in the upper pane to open the vault and add folders and files. Secure Format can be used to permanently delete all information from a card. These processes are designed to remove all data from a storage device.


Using the Thunderbolt 2 hub, you can expect to see even faster performance. Performance can greatly vary depending on card speed and the specs of your computer system. As the capacity of one lrxar is reached, either the user must download the photos to a computer, erase pictures, or replace the card to continue taking pictures.

Is there a Lexar card reader that works with this card? Navigate to the file you would like to move and select the file.

Securely protect and delete files on the go. Lexar Professional memory cards accelerate the digital photography workflow. How do I record a voice memo through the Lexar Mobile Manager app? Other processes on the operating system may be able to access the same memory space, and in so doing, compromise security.

Click here for the SD Card Associations reference guide: With the device connected, right-click the bottom-left corner or Start button on the desktop to open a Quick Access Menu, and then choose Device Management.

This product line was created with professional photographers, videographers, and enthusiasts in mind. Lexar Professional CompactFlash cards deliver professional level, high-speed performance and reliability, with minimum guaranteed speeds.


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Many photographers use CF-based cameras for their primary camera and a point-and-shoot camera for general use or scouting. Existing FireWire devices can be plugged into either type of port with the appropriate cable. Why is smart card-based authentication more secure than other methods of authentication? What is required for TouchID to work with my app? The smart card permits only a limited number of login attempts and introduces an increasing delay after each incorrect attempt before the next login can be attempted.

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If login attempts are exceeded, the device rejects further login attempts. Are there any recommended reader-specific configurations when using the hubs?

Lexar always recommends you to follow the above steps for any JumpDrive you may own.

Follow the prompt and re-enter the password to confirm. How does the daisy-chain feature work using the Professional Kexar HR2 hub? Todo Backup Advanced Server. How are the encryption keys generated? The smart card provides the following protection: