Data can be received but will not be printed until the printer is on-line by pressing the GO key. To avoid problems, stack transparencies, labels, postcards, envelopes, or thick paper on the face-up tray option. By default, resource protection is deactivated. Custom 1 6 Press the U or V key to display the desired paper type. When placing paper of sizes other than A5, A4, B5, Letter, or Legal into the paper cassette, set the size of the paper to be used into the printer by following the procedure given below. A-8 DU Duplex Unit. Operation is subject to the following two conditions:

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Try adjusting the color control settings using the printer driver. I/v interface is in use. The paper size setting for the paper cassette is completed.

Kyocera FS-2000D Advanced Operation Manual: Ib-21e/ib-30 Network Interface Cards

The toner counter is reset. Any data that may be under printing process in the printer will be deleted if you turn printer power off. When the box is set correctly, it will snap into place. The adhesive contains chemicals. When the printer is turned off, all stored jobs will be deleted.

The printer prints a network status page as an example shown in Figure below. The moisture content of paper varies with the relative humidity in the room. Whether or not the jammed pages are reproduced normally after printing is resumed depends on the location of the paper jam.


Then, the printer can automatically select the paper cassette or multi-purpose tray to feed the special paper from and internally adjust the electrical parameters for optimum printing performance according to the special paper type. In general you need to use the operator panel only to make default settings. The procedure is the same for Letter Gothic. It is also the characteristic that allows air to pass through paper i.

Printing a list is also available for a font card. Printing is done onto the top sheet also called the face sheet.

MP tray Cassette Cassette Cassette U/f 1 2 3 4 Cassettes 2, 3 and 4 are available for selection when the optional paper feeders are installed. Load paper into the paper cassette as displayed in place of. Some jurisdictions do not allow these limitations or exclusions, so they may not apply to you.

The paper type can be manually defined using the operator panel.

Kyocera printer i/f ibe driver – Google Docs

To produce flat printouts, load the paper sheets so that the upward pressure from the printer can correct their curling. Ready The printer is ready to print. Note First check that the memory card is properly formatted.

The network status page shows the network addresses, and other information under various network protocols about the network interface card. To minimize the concentration of ozone gas to less than 0.


Try to be familiar with the names and functions of these parts for correct use and optimal performance. When performing the cleaning procedure, be sure to clean the main charger unit that corresponds to color of the toner container that was replaced. To manually carry out the color calibration operation, perform the following procedure. Full single-color printout Check the charger unit. You can use the Y or Z key to move the cursor right and left.

The kylcera of this guide and parts of the printer marked with symbols are safety warnings meant to protect the user, other individuals and surrounding objects, and ensure correct and safe usage of the printer.

The jobs currently stored in the printer are shown.

Kyocera Ibe Ethernet 10/ Internal Print Server | eBay

The printer automatically goes off-line when this message is displayed. If you want to print from a different paper source, press the U or V key khocera display Use alternative and you can change the source for paper feeding.

Additional pages may be inserted in future editions. Note that certain keys have the secondary function.