Newer Post Older Post Home. Using the keyboard as a thumboard is a masochistic activity, but I do like the responsive touchpad and mouse buttons below it. I brought it back to life by hooking it up and restarting vista. The unit delivers on some of its promises and offers above-average battery life compared to other handtops to boot. Also, the SA is known to have a less-responsive keyboard. Originally Posted by undergrd Post hi guys, just want to check how u guys reformat ur KJS since there isnt any recovery disc or OS disc given Original Feedjit Live Blog Stats.

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Internet The Web-browsing experience on the SA1F00A is pleasant, with the option to use either the trackpad below the keyboard or the controls surrounding the LCD for navigation.

It’s also very nice and light to carry around – seriously speaking, 1. But why would anyone ever do this?

Initially when I purchased it, my intention is for mobile web surfing as well as doing photo editing on freewares. Nonsense aside, the screen is bright and colorful and easy on the eyes. Hi all, went by PA mart in kohjknsha today, saw that the stocks for Kohjinsha high cap batt is in, bros waiting for them grab fast before it runs out.


Review: Kohjinsha SA1F00A

Be mindful of the heat too: The device is sturdy s1af00 lightweight, though a bit lopsided because of the battery. The keyboard layout is just like a laptop, but some keys are reduced to a very small footprint, like Tab, Caps Lock and Shift.

I can’t even open Word without an error, wireless doesn’t want to work properly, windows explorer is not responding etc. Max setting is TOO bright! Kohjinsha UMPCs are never short of input options.

My wife’s 3 month old Kohjinsha cannot power up anymore even with the power cable plugged in. Originally Posted by lyk76 Post hi I am interested in the SH6 but wat does the package include and the specs? Although the manufacturer claims almost 4 hours of battery life, you cannot expect it to last more than 3 hours on normal on-the-road usage with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection, lots of web surfing or running of applications.

Gadget Story: Kohjinsha SA1F00 UMPC Hands-on

Also you have a switch on the side to switch off the optical drive to save power. The estimated time to copy 4GB worth of data is almost 60 minutes.

However, annoying thing is that you can’t just flip the switch to use the drive again – have to restart vista for optical drive to be s1f00. Anybody tried using this? Keyboard I had kohjinsh hopes for this keyboard. Not regularly, anyway, and not on my own accord. Windows XP Home Processor: More posts by Jenn Subscribe to Jenn’s posts.


PDA doesn’t cut it I don’t want to carry so many gadgets in my pocket, and I want a screen which I can actually see and full-fledged tablet is too heavy not to mention If downgrade to XP need to pay? Being able to lay the screen flat like this wif more traditional UMPC two-handed use. It was a reasonable expectation, given the size of the keyboard and the “regular-looking” keys.

Also, the SA is known to have a less-responsive keyboard. Due to the close proximity to heat vents, the CF card gets extremely hot after a mere 3 minutes. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Touchscreen is passive soft screen so buy a screen detector. The x screen kohjonsha OS-friendly. But there is one thing though. I think vista’s improved handwriting recognition makes up for it. Is anyone able to confirm this?

Hi all, I’m looking forward to getting a Kohjinsha at the upcoming PC show next weekend. Not anything out of the ordinary anyway.