The car went through extensive road testing and was delivered to the White House and LBJ’s fleet in late spring of It was retired late that year and returned to Ford. It would have been well down his list of priorities given the recent events, but the new president found himself without an official limousine — certainly without one that met appropriate security standards given the events in Dallas. This one of fitting it for LBJ is interesting though too. Written by Tony Lupton, Photos: He’s been fascinated by the event since looking through the old newspapers his parents had kept from that momentous day in November, Secret Service agents pose on retractable stands on President John F.

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Rare photos of JFK’s limousine – JFK Facts

The car has three roof combinations, a rear seat that can be raised and lowered, retractable foot stands for Secret Service men, two two-way radio telephones, and a master control panel for power accessories. Hydraulic rear seat that jfjs raise the president.

It also featured two-way radio telephones [1] and retractable steps and grab-handles for Secret Service agents. The car’s most notable extra was its length, three-and-a-half feet of it, gained by cutting it in half and extending the rear passenger compartment to create more room and to fit a middle row jfke forward-facing jump seats that folded away when not in use.

The interchangeable roofs were replaced with a bulletproof hardtop and a 1,pound rear window that, at the time, was the largest piece of curved bullet-resistant glass ever fabricated, according to Popular Mechanics. Eighteen people were arrested and charged after the president’s visit to Melbourne, for offences ranging from indecent hfks, public intoxication and assault with a weapon an egg. The view from the Oval Liimo as seen through the eyes of America’s youngest 1st family.


The bullet hole on the windsreen as well as bullet fragments taken from that hole the FBI description of the bullet hole as a crack ; the damage to the inner side chrome frame of the windscreen; and the brain and tissue fragments found in the vehicle. So, they went to a standard black. In the process, the car gained Secret Service codenames – SSX and X – and the grille of jfsk model, so it appeared right up to date.

There were protesters too — hundreds of them — expressing discontent about America and Australia’s involvement in the war in Vietnam. The car was moved to the Experimental Garage at the Ford Proving Grounds where an additional 41 inches was added between the front and rear doors and just beyond the rear doors.

Would a bubble-top have saved Kennedy? More answers from the strange story of JFK’s Lincoln limo

But apparently, the Jfs Service decided that it was faster and more economical to recycle JFK’s old Lincoln than it was to order the building of a new Presidential parade limousine. The United States of America was safe. Gary Mack, curator of Dallas’ Sixth Floor Lmo at Dealey Plaza, says, “I can only guess that Secret Service personnel may not have wanted another agency to know about the characteristics of the top.

Johnson rode in the car at his inauguration.

Screams, yelling and the sounds of a Limp engine echo the surrounding area. The original customized Lincoln limousine code name: Hand-embroidered presidential seals in special door pockets. These s answers might surprise you Australian Open heat stress scale a first for grand slams Officer’s lawyers want to inspect police vehicle involved in jcks shooting of Damond Ruszczyk. February 5, at 3: Connect Upload Contact Us. Kennedy School of Government Harvard Univ. Angelina Jolie hints at move into politics Australian Open heat stress scale a first limk grand slams Sydney to Hobart protest against Wild Oats XI deemed invalid ‘Corners are jf,s cut’: Former Secret Service agent Clint Hillwho leapt onto the limousine directly after Kennedy was shot, is the last surviving passenger of the presidential limousine during the assassination.


The pair of flags mounted on the front fenders of the long car billowed in the breeze. This June photo shows President. From the Sun King’s Hall of Mirrors to the lobbies of grand hotels, the chandelier has outlived trends in interior design to remain a symbol of wealth and power.

Media Video Audio Photos. The assassination of President John F. Special puncture-proof tires were mounted on the wheels. Personally I have never been much impressed by Vince Palamara. LBJ and Macapagal rode thorugh the capital’s streets in the same customized black Lincoln limousine in which, not quite a year before, President John F. Should you cancel that picnic if showers are forecast?

The firm’s other high-profile clients included the Queen of England. The car was as glamorous and camera-ready as he was.