It is typically used in more professional microphones and traditionally runs around 48 volts although there are 24 volt and even 12 volt versions which are less common. However the recordings still seem to be in stereo mp3? Winamp is much better. I have an e mail out to them but they have yet to respond. But if you select all of your existing files for addition as well as the new files the delete function is avoided.

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You can view text on it along with photos and videos. I hope this makes sense and thanks for the clear and useful site. It would no longer access the T30 files, just the FAT16 picture would appear, which when double-clicked, would go to the torchlight picture and no action after that.

The iriver T30 y30mx way out of date and has a small capacity compared to new MP3 players. Everything works great but the LCD is very dim. Note down the drive letter eg: Finally, stumbled on http: Curiously they have not put a datasheet link for the 2gb, its doubtful that the 2 would be of a different spec though….


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Tried again — nothing. Necklace design, adjustable length, strap is removable. Buying Format see all. Thanks for this excellent page.

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Hi I just bought my T30 1gb red couple of days ago. If you need any more information in order to deduct an answer I would be happy to oblige. It has a nice iriveg mic for recording and only one battery. See pictures for details. Most MP3 players store audio files on an internal flash-based memory system, but a irjver use a hard drive instead. I am in America, I updated my T30 irivwr the latest 1. I need to download music for music classes.

I am working in South America right now, so my computer doesnt have access to the internet. If you know of cheap, portable one let me know.

These are the details for the files the Iriver T30 recorded through line in you can choose from 3 levels of quality-high, medium, low At high level: An MP3 player may refer to any digital audio device.

The voice with the with ext mic was nice even when I was 4 meters away from the mic. All recordings can be moved back and forth by plugging the T30 cable into a USB port.


This item was lightly used as I was given an Iruver a month or so after I got it. Learn how your comment data is processed.

I dont know where my proof of purchase is. Some models also feature slots for microSD cards, allowing music to be played or uploaded directly from there.

Like new, in perfect condition. This is because the line-in input is for line-in signals that are driven eg. Cheaper than the web shops.

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Is there a way I could delete the new firmware and install the old firmware I have? Iriver Plus2 wont upgrade to the 1. This high-resolution MP3 player manufactured by iRiver has extensive functionality. There seems to be a problem serving the ifiver at this time.