I bought a controlthink z-wave adapter instead and have been using that one. I am running Windows 7. It is part of our complete line of affordable automation and remote monitoring products. I was wondering if anyone could guide me in anyway as to how to control the Lock with the Z-Wave stick. You’ll need a master controller remote like the HA07 as well, to define the network. Did not see the message in time.

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You replicate that network configuration over to CQC to tell it what units you have.


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The most current PLM plugin which requires a license is avail here http: Can someone from Home seer tech support please help. HP ht, Windows Server R2, i And the Insteon line in the Interfaces page is now: I was also able to connect to the Schlage lock and was able to identify the nodeId using intermmatic Homeseer software used this to find the nodeId of the light module and light dimmer as well.

Looking to integrate all of them together I turned off X10 support for the plugin and restarted and this is the mst current startup log info: I am not able to send commands to it but, everytime I unlock the lock using the keypad, I get a set of messages via ZWave.


Saw a matching Insteon text message, returning: Thanks in advance for your responses! I can send you the driver though if you pm your email address. Select Setup then the Interfaces tab and find the Insteon plugin and select the disable button to flip it to enabled. Just want to be able to control devices ua22 Z-wave. Sign In Sign Up. Cool Blue HomeSeer Default.

I plan to use it with CQC or Mainlobby. I hope this is true! I don’t know anything about the imtermatic, but the primary issue would be that you’re bound to a single software option. Also is there anyway i can make use of the HA Z-wave stick?.

Can someone from Home seer tech support please help. I am not looking for controllers as such. The driver description says it does the same as the Win 7 driver ie open a COM Port for communication. Depending on the distance of the lock from the controller – if the controller can talk to the lock directly and does not have to route through hop another device it doesn’t.

Now and again, a bad Intermatic USB ZWave Controller COM4 can even produce irregular windoss shut downs, that can slow down your job, and end in your being unable to recover unsaved specifics. Yeah someone from the company contacted me and sent me the inteermatic for the stick.


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Mark HS3 Pro 3. The Chroming Rose Theater build.

Ok so i went out and bought this usb stick from homemanageables, just wanted to see what you guys were all about and was interested in the iphone interface. Sorry for my ignorance, but Why does lamp Module have to talk to Locks Directly???

Then, click next and allow the wizard to search for the driver on its own; interrmatic will scan the Windows directory where it will find the drivers. I think I will be looking into the Aeon Labs Z-wave stick. Any advice on this?

Oct 12, If the folder contains a driver, make sure it is designed to work with Windows for x64based systems.