Enhanced Power Loss Data Protection prepares the SSD for unexpected system power loss by minimizing data in transition in temporary buffers, and uses on-board power-loss protection capacitance to provide enough energy for the SSD firmware to move data from the transfer buffer and other temporary buffers to the NAND, thus protecting system and user data. Case durability is excellent and besides the SATA connector you could probably toss this drive at a wall and cause more damage to the wall than the XM. Another trace we are introducing with this review is the Productivity scenario. Semi-permanently hold information form the computer Drive Powers on is visible in the system Drive is visible Pass. Uncorrectable Bit Error Rate 1 sector per 10 x16th. Two bugs with the firmware on the XM G2 were fixed.

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Intel X25-M

Infel Moore Robert Noyce. Your comments have been sent. For all intents and purposes this test shows drive performance under normal daily activity for most users. Thank you for your feedback. Once those are removed the entire assembly pops apart.

IntelĀ® SSD XM Series (GB, in SATA 3Gb/s, 34nm, MLC) Product Specifications

Includes desktop install kit. This page was last edited on 9 Augustat This page was last updated: The letter after each name stands for value, mainstream, and extreme respectively. Still in great working condition just not using it anymore.


The same screws that hold the 2. Has Windows 7 installed on it. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Speed with which the device is able to retrieve data that forms one contiguous, ordered block of data. However, a blog said it intsl quietly sold on Taobaoa Chinese eBay -esque website.

Intel X25-M SSD Review (160GB)

What it does offer is a down-to-earth design that looks sophisticated and durable. Write Latency indicates the elapsed time to execute a data record task. A third generation drive called the “XM G3” was rumored to come out in late but was delayed until early As we test with smaller random transfer sizes we see the strengths of the Intel SSD. While the XM isn’t the world’s fastest storage device across the board, it is among the fastest.

Average Weight Drive Alone. The first test we show how the drives perform under a HTPC scenario.

Intel XM SSD Review (GB) | – Storage Reviews

We already talked about the drives back at IDF. Operating Vibration indicates the tested capability of the SSD to withstand the reported vibration in the operating state and remain functional. If you want to know the ending first I won’t make you wait.


Three years is currently the most offered by any SSD manufacturer and is also matched by Western Digital, Kingston, and others. Views Read Edit View history. Be sure to read our latest SSD article: Used SSD pulled from a working server that was decommissioned. Retrieved from ” https: The drive height without the bumper is 7mm while the height with it installed x25- 9.

Intel Authorized Distributors sell Intel processors in clearly inte, boxes from Intel. If Intel could price them right, and if Intel could deliver on the performance, the biggest upgrade you could do for your PC – whether desktop or notebook, wouldn’t be to toss in a faster CPU, it would be to migrate to one of these SSDs. Tintri releases TGC 4. If sold in bulk, price represents individual unit.