Select the Advanced menu, and then the Peripheral Configuration menu. Legit Reviews Computer Hardware: I know that was a bit confusing, and I’m very appreciative of any help. Would you mind answering a couple of questions to help us improve our web content? I havent bought the board yet.

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If you reside outside North America, you can access the following web site for an Intel R Technical Support phone number at a location near you: Would you mind answering a couple of questions to help us improve our web content? At this point, due to the extensiveness of this email case, we would like you to, please, contact Intel R Technical Support; imtel, we will be able to assist you further.

Legit Reviews Computer Hardware: Ddevice, we will be avoiding duplicate incoming emails, and we will not lose track of the email thread.

The first tech support representative was no help at all. I think it’s this Crossfire thing that has me confused, because when using Crossfire, the connectors seem to switch to 8x 8x 4x speeds, for Crossfire support.

But if you’re not using Crossfire, are you still forced into 8x 8x 4x if you use all three connectors? In other words, of the 16 available X PCI-E lanes, can I allow 12 for devvice graphics card, and 4 for a secondary card?


Stability is the 1 priority over performance. So lets hope for an upcoming bios update, but the technical support at the telephone sounds like he would think about my problem only: Did you receive a previous response to your e-mail message containing suggested web solutions to help you resolve your problem? Or is there a way I keep it running at 16x, while my other slots run at 8x and 4x?

By answering these questions in a reply to this e-mail message we can correlate your suggestions to specific web content related to your issue. I just want things to work. I havent bought the board yet.

It might be worth the wait for a month or two. Maybe a BIOS problem?

Intel DXBX2 Desktop Motherboard Review :: Intel DXBX2 Features ::

That has confused me a little bit But i will keep on contacting intel support until there will be an resolution. Is there any way to change the lane assignments in the BIOS or anywhere else? You can contact our technical support line at the following phone number: This pcci yellow bang! Is there anything else? The X chipset is showing its age here with a small total lane capability.


Thank you for s975xbx2 Intel R Technical Support. Windows Vista also has a conflict.

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I always get the same answear. And again a few days have passed without any new info from the Intel technical support.

If you had read the page I linked to, you would have seen in both cases, the secondary SATA controller was disabled already. I have to trie it later again! Are there other X boards with more lanes, or would I have to go with an SLI board for additional lanes?

IntelĀ® Desktop Board D975XBX2

Antec Truepower 2. Lets d975xbxx2 I add two more cards this may well happen: Well, I went ahead and started my own ticket with Intel.

In fact pretty much every non-essential technology has been disabled.