New drivers and serial crashers can expect to be among the one-third of B. One conviction of a serious offence, such as distracted driving, would result in an optional insurance hike. Storm smashes Songhees walkway landmark back into driftwood. The learner stage will not count toward driver experience. Inexperienced drivers, bad drivers and those who cause even one crash will pay more and get fewer breaks.

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Province proposes major changes to ICBC rate structure

Eby was not available for an interview, and questions were redirected to ICBC. ICBC calculated for Postmedia News several scenarios involving family driving, learner licences, crashes and unlisted driver protection.

Stephen can continue to drive, too. Their records will be taken into account.

Province proposes major changes to ICBC rate structure

Other common instances are where there is a husband-wife or boyfriend-girlfriend situation and one partner has a much lower discount rate than the other partner. Find out what’s happening in your community.

ICBC said those measures have helped, but are being overtaken by the problem of distraction in various forms. If an unlisted driver causes a crash, ICBC would charge the owner a one-time fee. But she decides to do neither and just risk loaning him the pprincipal.


Cull the best solution to overpopulation. The owner currently incurs the cost of premium hikes following crashes, regardless of who was driving.

ICBC’s new fees for unlisted drivers and learners could drive up 2019 rates

Mike crashes the car and is at fault. Catherine Urquhart has more. People with multiple crashes on their record will be the hardest hit. It will be phased in over several years.

Visit our FAQ page for more information. How lethal opioids devastated a small region of Ontario Politics Canada was courting Saudi Arabia for billions in new business before ill-fated tweet.

Similar to example 4. The steps already taken included curtailing legal costs by shunting claims out of the courts, capping pain-and-suffering awards, and enhancing red-light cameras and other traffic-safety measures. The changes require approval of the B.

The government reforms are an attempt to save the corporation money by changing the insurance system to penalize drivers based on prinxipal history of crashes and risky behaviour, rather than the current system which links insurance premiums to actual vehicles. The province would change rules so that it would take 10 years to return to pre-crash insurance discount levels, rather than the current three years after an at-fault crash. How fraudsters use handsome soldiers to prey on lonely hearts over the holidays Canada ‘No one is going to stick their neck out’: The province has considered increasing that threshold to 20 years.


One conviction of a serious offence, such as distracted driving, would result in an optional insurance hike.

Principal Operator Breach – ICBC Advice Guide – Mussio Goodman

Customers will have to list all drivers who might operate the vehicle when insuring it, not just the principal operator.

Attorney General David Eby, responsible for ICBC, said under current policy, drivers with three crashes on their record can pay the same premium as those with perfect records.

And people who earn risk premiums for more serious offences, such as drunk driving and excessive speeding, will also face increases of 20 per cent this fall and another 20 per cent in fall Comments We encourage all readers to share their views on our articles and blog posts.

Rates are still going to go up, the distribution of the increase is just going to be different. The new premium system has to be approved by the B. ICBC says 40 per cent of claims are currently forgiven each year, because of the various allowances to excuse premium hikes. But in this scenario, neighbour Mike has the same crash history as Erica.