In general, JDBC is used for all access to databases. These databases do not have any files. These modes allow a high degree of compatibility with several other database systems which use non-standard SQL syntax. Thank you for the reply. A proprietary communications protocol is used for this mode.

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Can also let me know if there is estimated time to get this in working order? They do not provide a web front end to the database.

Fred On Wed, 17 Feb Connecting to a Database Server. Could not find accessor on XADataSource: The Servlet Mode cannot be started independently from the servlet engine. Instead, the public name defined for dbname. Connection object has some methods that return further java. Sometimes its helpful to use a search engine to find reports hsqlrb the same problem.

Chapter 1. Running and Using HyperSQL

Forums Downloads Projects Buzz. Server modes provide the maximum accessibility. On Tue, 16 Feb On Tue, Feb 16, at 5: Connection object is always used to access the database. In this situation, hsqldv to a catalog are usually made in-processor using a separate Server. Will try to find examples in the documentation.


DatabaseManagers are general-purpose database access tools that can be used with any database engine that has a JDBC driver. Unable to recover XA Datasource state after exception. The user can delete these test.

Sign up using Facebook. As a result you cannot check the contents of the database with external tools such as Database Manager while your application is running.

This is a general purpose command line database access tool that can be ued with other database engines as well. But the speed and performance depends on the type of connection. You can add the command line argument –help to get a list of available arguments for these tools.

Unable to recover XA Datasource state after exception

A command similar to those used for running tools and described above is used for running the server. Hsqqldb can be reused to execute a different statement each time. This is the preferred way of running a database server and hhsqldb fastest one. A Sever mode is also the preferred mode of running the database during development.

Databases are not closed when the last connection to the database is explicitly closed via JDBC.


Direct downloads from SourceForge exceed 2, copies, with hundreds of millions of copies distributed as hsaldb of other software packages. Therefore we do not consider it to be in working order yet. Thank you for assuming that I haven’t spend time and effort searching around and looking for an answer before posting here.

HSQLDB – Introduction

All these files are essential and hsqlfb never be deleted. Establishing a connection and closing it has some overheads, therefore it is not good practice to create a new connection to perform a small number of operations. Sign up using Email and Password. A common example is connection to the default port used for the hsql: It is used when a servlet engine or application server such as Tomcat or Resin provides access to the database.