The only thing that gives it a problem is the larger rebar which slows things down but it still cuts through ,an average hole is about 12 to 14mm in concrete up to mm thich with often very tough aggregate , holes take about minutes on average. Bolt Length When a bolt is used in conjunction with the anchor, the length of the bolt needed is determined by considering these factors:. Of course, a Hilti is a damned expensive thing. The typical Hammer Drill that most of us own that have a normal Jacobs style chuck. I know firsthand how frustrating this can be. Hell, it is water soluble.

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Even the cement part is hard, though P I also strongly recall just blowing hard on the wall and having debrie continiously fly off. Powers Mini Dropin Submittal Form.

How do I determine the size of bit needed for my Tapcon® screw?

I did not have the legendary Hilti- What I hapcon have was epoxy putty. Our products are of the highest quality Granted, you can crush just about any rock but crusher expenses go up when the throughput on the crusher drops off.

Spacing between Anchors Each anchor must be spaced a minimum distance of 3″ from each other when measured center to center. It went in about like you describe. That’s about an inch an hour.


Still at it at lunch. It pretty much sucks for hammer drilling in hard concrete. That’s the hammering action.

The nylon plugs do have a problem with flowing over time decades. I’d never use one for anything critical that might fall You can apply a hardened chisel to a rock and what you get for the effort is tapcoj blunt chisel.

3/16″ x 2-1/4″ Hex Tapcon Concrete Screw, 100/Box

Have seen liquid nails work fine. As the bolts pushed the putty out I smoothed it and tried to keep it flat to the wall. Hammer drills are okay for the easy stuff but a true rotary hammer where only the bit reciprocates, not the bit and chuck, are much more effective.

It can be used in solid concrete, hard stone, and solid block.

After about rebar pins I had a smile after switching drills. They give some with the hammer blow hklti kind of spring back. As far as “you wouldn’t ask SDS-drills start at 4mm, so they should be OK for those screws. All diameters, lengths, and head styles are in stock in both the standard blue carbon steel and the stainless steel.

If you’re using anything other than a ‘rotary’ hammer drill, that’s likely the problem.

The provided drill makes the perfect sized hole for the threads to grab. We poured house foundations with psi ‘crete, that was the industry standard then. I won’t use the Hilti powder tool that shoots. The rotary helps pull out the dust. This extra depth to the hole allows space for any dust that is created during the installation process to fall into and out of the way to ensure proper installation.


Still can’t say anything without being obnoxious As for concrete, “new 6 bag tapdon

3/16″ x /4″ Hex Tapcon Concrete Screw, /Box | Concrete Fasteners

But, many people, myself included, do not need to drill concrete very often, and it is not sensible to buy very expensive equipment to drill a few holes. The long style version is used in soft or weak masonry to better develop strength. I can say with pretty decent confidence that it is jilti “fat” concrete, very dense, virtually no voids, and clearly seems to have a good bit more cement than modern mixes. All of the manufactured large diameter tapcons are in stock in Cleveland, Ohio, and will ship the same day hhilti order is placed.