You must log in or sign up to reply here. Nov 1, Messages: Your hard drive will most likely be the last drive in your list, the size should also help you identify it. So, I’m sorry it took so long. I flashed my WD-drive an followed the tutorial from digiex.

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FreeDos causes problems, when you use Hddhackr. The drive I’m modifying is highlighted. How to hack a gb sata drive to work in the Xbox and Fumitsu Slim It is a fantastic tutorial written by InsaneNutter and should be used first.

It sends a successful flash, all you have to do is restart hddhacker and enter the create partitions command.

Now with that out of the way, here’s your standard disclaimer. Matthew ZarateMay 23, Hello, Doing it on other-than-WD drives is a no-go. Results 1 to 9 of 9. First of all, this is NOT a method I would recommend for everyone as you can brick your drive or your computers’ hard drives if you are careless. What I found out: Return to InsaneNutters thread as listed fjjitsu to finish the modification.


Xbox 360 Hard Drive Upgrade

For Source File choose the appropriate hddss. KropotovGoshaNov 1, Your name or email address: So to solve the prob with writing to this hdd i need some help from the coder of the hddhackr. May 16, Messages: Thanks for the linkage in your FAQ.

Step 5 Write sectors Make sure you disk is open with Read Only off this time, or you will not be able to write your sectors. It changes to something different which doesn’t fuijtsu sense. I find the Microsoft logo doesn’t show up on FreeBoot consoles so it doesn’t show up here.

Your thoughts are right. I kept promising to get it done, then forgetting again and again. In the Target box, choose your backup filename and location.

But, I wrote my own prog for writing the SS to the hdds. I also did say this tutorial required common sense. Save it make a backup! The time now is Dump all files from partition 2 from some HDD that has the emulator on it either a 20 gb or gb, doesn’t mattersave those files from partition 2 to your PC. Still same issue, it says the HDD is unformatted.


Do you already have an account? This page shows you how to replace the original hard drive with a new suitable 20, 60, or GB model. I’m also glad I managed to find time to squeeze this in. My Xbox is without any Chip mode and nothing else. You need to make it look like:.

Now we’re almost done, only have to fix up the ‘cluster map’. Log in or Sign up.