This docking connection is certified to UL for use only with port replicators designed for your Gateway convertible tablet PC. Getting Started Using speech recognition The Gateway convertible tablet PC is designed to accept and interpret the human voice, both for dictation speech recognition and for keyboard-equivalent voice commands. Full text of ” Gateway Laptop Service Manual: This identifier information is required by law. Using the Start menu You can start programs, open files, customize your system, get help, search for files and folders, and more using the Start menu.

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The wizard also moves specific files or entire folders, such as My Documents, My Pictures, and Favorites. Using this feature will affect battery performance. Remember to check the publisher’s Web site for important program updates.

Full text of ” Gateway Laptop Service Manual: If you have chosen America Online networ an ISP, follow these instructions to set up and connect to your account.

While the battery is recharging, the battery charge indicator turns purple and the battery icon in the taskbar has a lightning bolt y. You cannot use this drive to create DVDs. The Connect window opens.

If the icon still does not appear, make sure that Always show netwokr on the taskbar is checked on the Power Options Properties Advanced tab. For more information about installing or using your printer, see the printer documentation. To insert a PC Card: Does not have caddy or hard drive.


To adjust the screen resolution: Connecting a digital camera You can connect most digital cameras to your convertible tablet PC’s USB port to transfer pictures. For example, do not use it near a bathtub or kitchen sink.

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The module may move out slightly. If you want to reinstall a program, uninstall the old version first. Also, before you connect a cable make sure both connectors are correctly oriented and aligned. For instructions on how to use the Recycle Bin, see “Deleting files and folders” on page The Final Burn Settings screen gateeway.

Full text of “Gateway Laptop Service Manual: M USER MANUAL”

You can organize your music tracks by categories, find a track quickly by using the sort features, and add information to a music file.

Using an inkjet color printer, you can print pictures, banners, and greeting cards, as well netqork documents. Decrease the brightness of the display.

Remember to pack those you will need while traveling, and do not forget to pack at least one convertible tablet PC pen.

Many PC Cards use a small amount of power while inserted, even if they are not being used. Each program uses different function keys for different purposes. Although devices can be attached directly to the ports on your convertible tablet PC, the port replicator lets you make all of those connections in one step.


The Multiple Monitors and Intel Properties dialog box gaeway.

This function is only available in some programs. Each of the computers or Ethernet-ready devices communicate with the access point using radio waves.

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Printers You can attach almost any type of printer to your convertible tablet PC. Customizing Your Gateway M Selecting a screen saver You can use a screen saver to keep others from viewing your display whileyou are away from yourconvertibletablet PC. Do not cover the adapter with papers or other items that will reduce cooling, and do not use the adapter while it is inside a carrying case. This action is called clicking.

When you cut and paste a file or folder, you remove the file or folder from its original location and place the file or folder on the Windows clipboard. Pensshould not be stored vertically on thetip because constant tip pressure can affect pen-screen interaction. If you are in the Business Solutions view, click Gageway Solutions.