See if that helps. Check out the latest information on our web site for exact times and locations of getting your own FRAGnStein. Thanks x 1 List. Fragnstein pc Dude where is that? How to easily go back and fragnstein pc from PS3 controller and keyboard mouse?

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Well, I got the new firmware installed.

This setting seems to give the least amount of mouse lag or dead space. Check out the latest information on our web site for exact times and locations of getting your own FRAGnStein.

I decided to persevere with my Bannco. Sans franstein batteries, both the fragchuck and the mouse actually feels extremely light, but once you load up the batteries and you need three AAA on each sidethe weight pretty much becomes a non-issue. Are you on the latest firmware?

Bannco’s Fragnstein

A mouse that cant be used as a mouse in a PC?! I guess that even though I’m not happy with the Frag FX Pro’s performance as a device, there’s no denying that it’s connection is stable and solid.


I can only guess that it’s named version 3. They suggest that my FragPro wireless is faulty and have offered a warranty replacement, dragnstein I’m sending it back to them tomorrow. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Nov 10, at 8: Does it support rechargeables? Sandcracka Offline Fresh Boarder Posts: WideloadNov 14, Nov 14, at 4: This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.

Tuact: pls help how Install in win xp (1/1)

Nov 14, at 6: Hi guys, its in stock, in the UK here. Nov 11, at 5: Also, as console games are built with contol pads in mind, are there any issues with the slight auto aim that devs put into games to make the controllers handle better whilst using the mouse?

Jan 3, at It really is a fantastic piece of kit and you’re quite right, that despite a few niggles with it, it’s a small price to pay for PS3 gaming with a mouse!

To be fair to splitfish, I’m going to test it out with other batteries and perhaps swap those in the mouse with the one in the fragchuck to see if it consistently does that.


Apparently, Fragnstein pc frabnstein that if I install and enable the FnS driver.

They’ve tried to eliminate mouse acceleration in the expert and there’s some present in the standard. Seemed to drain batteries even while off regardless of whether I was using brand new or rechargables.

Just my two cents.

ManicGamer – Games Evolve – So Do We! | FragNStein PS3 Controller

WideloadJan 12, I got a couple of hours in with the latest COD expert firmware last night and felt that it played well. Thank you in advance dude. Windows XP, Pro and Vista.

The FragFx acceleration is unplayable and the mouse feels horribly cheap. Discussion in ‘ Playstation Forums ‘ started by ducksonJan 9, Your nickname or email address: