If too many sectors have been reallocated, there may be a problem with the drive. The Fibre Channel Controller in Slot 3 has a new status of 6. A table of spare entries. Auto-Reliability monitoring is a process to insure the highest level of data reliability. You can update the firmware using the following applications: Redundant Size Mismatch 15 Indicates that cache operations are temporarily disabled.

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External Array Controller Model. This lists the physical drive IDs which are associated with this logical drive. External Array Controller Condition. External Array Spare Entry. Physical Drive Box Connector. Other 1 The agent is unable to determine the status of the host controller.

I did not build this server and there is no documentation on the setup. The batteries can only recharge when the system has fibrre applied.

I will attempt hbq answer as many of the questions as I can. If you notice an increase in the value shown for Hard Write Errors or Recovered Write Errors, a problem may exist with the drive. If a write error occurs, Automatic Data Recovery stops.


This is the time it takes for a physical drive to spin up to full speed.

fcinfo hba-port and luxadm probe not finding FC adapter

External Tape Drive Serial Number. If the tape drive does not support this capability, a value of 0 will be returned.

Physical Drive Unsupported Drive. I was worried about the driver part of the install. View the Array Accelerator Board Error Code object to determine why the write cache operations have been disabled. If a read error occurs, Automatic Data Recovery stops.


Please ask the forum! Your Array Accelerator board should be serviced as soon as possible. Each byte of the string is an index. This value is the drive failure reason code returned by the array firmware. Not Available 13 Indicates that the logical drive is currently unavailable.

The purpose of the module described in this entry. Where XX is the major version number and YY is the minor version number. Fibre Channel Tape Counters Table.


The battery packs were properly charged when the system was initialized. This identifies the physical slot where the Fibre Channel Host Controller resides in the system.

Loop failure – Hewlett Packard Enterprise Community

This value represents the overall condition of the tape drive. For instance, if you wanted to calculate the average number of fibge per hour of operation, divide this number by the reference hours.

External Array Spare Table. Physical Drive Size in MB. This is used to indicate whether the percentage value returned from Functional Test 2 has every dropped below the allowable threshold for that test. Fibre Channel Tape Library Model.

You need to reconfigure the Array Accelerator board.