This bundle includes everything you need to start sending and receiving unlimited faxes. When sending faxes to multiple recipients each recipient can receive a unique cover sheet personalized with their name, company and fax number information. Requires optional service from your telephone provider. When you create the fax on demand mailbox you have the option of selecting the delivery method. Includes all of the incredible, advanced fax features found in the FaxTalk FaxCenter software. Up to 8 fax modems supported with FaxTalk Multiline Server software. FaxTalk also includes the ability to import your old fax logs and phonebooks to make the transition to the new software even easier.

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You are only billed for existing telephone service and any applicable long distance fees by your telephone provider.


By viewing faxes on screen before printing you can reduce the amount of paper and printer supplies typically used for receiving faxes.

What modems do you recommend for use with FaxTalk Multiline Server? Can I configure fax on demand mailboxes in FaxTalk Faxalk Pro to send the requested fax documents to a number entered by the caller?

Yes, the fax on demand mailboxes in FaxTalk Messenger Pro support both the ability to send requested documents on the same phone call and to a number entered by the caller. FaxTalk runs as a Windows service in the background.


Are there any additional fees to fqxtalk or receive faxes from my computer using FaxTalk?

Configure Modem with FaxTalk

Does FaxTalk provide any spell checking features? How many lines does FaxTalk Multiline Server support? Perform broadcast fax jobs faster and more reliably with the V. FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro 4. FaxTalk does provide the ability to spell check the text on coversheets before sending to ensure there are no errors.

You can also preview fax documents before sending and add annotations, rearrange pages, delete pages and verify the appearance of the fax document.

Annotate, view, print, organize, automatically forward faxes to e-mail, and much more. Send personalized faxes directly from Microsoft Word with ease. In addition to the products listed above, support for the following products ended prior to February 06, How long does it take to transmit a fax?

The modem or computer hardware manufacturer that included the OEM FaxTalk software is responsible for providing technical support for issues related to the bundled OEM FaxTalk software.

Can I receive or send faxes while the computer is turned off? You don’t have to notify your telephone company.

Any computer with a fax modem can operate as the fax server on a network. Agregar a Lista de favoritos. When creating a fax you can choose faxtlk have the fax sent immediately or schedule the fax to be sent at a specific date or time.

Frequently Asked Questions – FaxTalk

Modsm professional looking faxes by simply printing documents from any Microsoft Windows application to the included FaxTalk virtual printer.


All you need is your existing telephone line and a Microsoft Windows compatible computer. Combine contacts within a phone book into groups that speed up multiple recipient selection.

View your faxes from anywhere you have an Internet connection and your Cloud based storage.

Microsoft Windows 10, 8. Don’t rely on other inferior fax software products for your important fax communications, get the only reliable and simple fax solution you need to send and receive faxes from Windows.

About FaxTalk FaxTalk is the premiere fax software for Windows, combining advanced fax features and easy to faxtak operation. Works with most standard Class 1 or Class 2 fax modems available in both internal, USB or external models.

You can combine multiple documents into a single fax with ease and a Faxtlak Windows compatible scanner can also be used to create fax transactions from printed documents or to add pages to an existing fax. FaxTalk software must be active and your fax modem must be actively connected to the computer and telephone line. FaxTalk Fax Merge add-on software requires a compatible 32 bit edition of Microsoft Word product Microsoft Word, Consulta el anuncio del vendedor para los detalles completos.