Radio-player controlled from the system tray or by joysticks. Partial [ 4 ] G6-G9 not working. We support most USB and Bluetooth gamepads. Unity exposes the devices as 3 joysticks through UnityEngine. Yes May have issues [ 5 ].

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Elecom GP-20 – Computer gamepad specifications.

This information should be included in your game manual so your players know how to use the device properly. Downloading the file assumes that you agree to this agreement.

If you missed our first update, check it out. Partial Select, L2, R2 not working. Windows 10 Universal Native. Any controller which does not have a hardware definition will be usable only through user mapping or by mapping actions to numbered axes and buttons in the Unknown Controller map. Yes [ 19 ]. Rewired supports most USB and Bluetooth controllers available, many with extended support.

Partial [ 2 ] 2 wheel buttons, reverse gear not working.


You should be aware of this if you have keyboard maps enabled as some controller elements will trigger keyboard presses instead of or in addition to controller button functions. Improved some other user interface issues. The information in the following table shows which controllers have been mapped vamepad the different browsers running on different operating systems.


Added functions such as volume control, sound mute, zoom in, and zoom out. No materials may be reproduced without permission. The supported OSs for the “Mouse Assistant” are consistent with the mouse. Yes [ 20 ]. See Can I add support for this controller? R Mad Catz Micro C. The process for mapping one of these controllers is identical to mapping keyboard keys.

If the controller allows you to map its inputs to the primary keyboard, then it will work through the use of a keyboard map. Partial [ 4 ] Button 6 not working. Eleccom fallback platforms that use Unity’s input system, Unity provides no way to identify the controller apart from a single name string.

Partial [ 2 ] Hats, slider, pinky wheel, pinky switch, mode dial, mouse nub not working. This can interfere with controller assignment because there is no way to determine which controllers are attached and which are just placeholders.

Oculus Touch Controller see important special support information.


Documentation Overview Release Notes Essentials: Wlecom XInput gaming controllers with customizable vibrations. Added shortcut keys, including a “shift key”, to function assignment of tilting to right and left. Sixad required Broken – Google Chrome Supports Mixed playing mode with 1 emulated and 1 physical Xbox controllers.

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If they show up as a second keyboard or mouse, they will likely not work. Yes PS Vita Target: Supports playing with multiple joysticks simultaneously. Dlecom will be brief for a bit Many off-brand gamepads simply emulate the Xbox controller and thus work correctly. Unity only supports up to 20 buttons.

After this, follow the instructions on the screen.