Panel very simple too? It’s great to be USB powered, it makes the map very mobile and it avoids even carry around a wire Not rocket science but can dboussoler someone who is not accustomed. O the whole usb-audio driver source? I chose it because it combines the functions of audio and MIDI hardware.

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I note however that edirok soon as Windows merdouille a little like at startup, it happens sometimesI’m sure having to re-install the card, drivers, etc.

I use it on a laptop Pentium M. Anyway, being powered by USB, the level of background noise is high enough dB and as stated by some means even eedirol the mouse moves.

User reviews: Edirol UA – Audiofanzine

The mixer avoids incessant disconnects connections-that threaten the life of the connectors of the interface. What else should I try?

But above edkrol headphone output is not used in 3. Just in case, I download any new drivers, but I think it n’tait not useful for the version I bought. But what should I get to recompile?

With a SansAmp first generation live, I got taken guitar friendly. Thank you very much, Clemens.

Surprise for the user manual: Inssupportable background noise was heard during the recording of a mirco. I’m trying this card on two different PCs advanfed with Slackware But hey, what an idea to move a mouse when recording? What is the error code in the system log?


We see that possde Edirol in it especially fans of his plutt than computers, but the pilots’ s install without much problem by following the instructions. It works flawlessly on both.

I bought it on the advice of a salesperson. Please help me, ’cause I bought the UA for my girlfriend, as I’m trying to convince her to downgrade to linux for her music production, and she believes I’m a guru. I would do bp ss this choice or perhaps U tascam for faders, but it is less portable. Does it have ID In CANCEIS mixing, I have no problem reading dj 24 simultanment tracks, but that is the processor and not deirol sound card that s’ takes you to mix tracks in real time. The knob is the preamp to the max in the middle, the noise is still there.

Edirol UA-20 not seen by alsa in ADVANCED mode

Mega stable – Are they often updated? For euros there is no better. Cesare Clemens Ladisch wrote: The appearance is not reassuring, especially the plastic used, also used by plants Kinder Surprise. I just saw that the UA20 new enhanced version Dolby 5.


linux-audio-user – Edirol UA not seen by alsa in ADVANCED mode

Two years and I use this little box has changed my life well my night! Log in Become a member.

In reply to this post by Clemens Ladisch Still no luck. Connects to the desktop, its output is one of the links between gnralement Strod a adbanced Behringer UB Note that I have encountered problems of background noise unbearable until I put a reducer at the laptop’s power supply.

Edirol Ua-20 Audio Capture 24 Bit Midi Interface

I would advise anyone who is creating an XP partition to install a special windows with Cubase software or audio to be quiet. I didn ‘t bother, since the vetrsion 2 pilots, to go avdanced if a silent version available. Use of listening, mixing and mastering mainly, with some recording troubleshooting.