I use a database called postfix since my setup is tightly coupled with email routing and replication from the email database. For the definition, see http: Data in a file name must be specified in the following order. Some zone transfer examples: DLZ website on Sourceforge.

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Bind-DLZ with MySQL – ITSA Consulting, LLC

If you don’t have an existing database of DNS data, you can either design your own to meet your needs, or use one of the sample schemas and configurations in the examples section of this site.

Additionally, the Reiser file system can pack zero length files very tightly by design, allowing a maximum of data to be held in a minimum of physical drive space. X system using MySQL to store records. The file system driver will provide a high-speed database for use with DLZ. Also, the directory path must always end with a path separator.

Ideally, this driver will be included into BIND’s distribution as a built in driver. The driver will allow looking up zones in the database, looking up zone records, and zone transfers from the same database. The file system driver also supports wildcard hostnames. I use a database called postfix since my setup is tightly coupled with email routing and replication from the email database. The DLZ driver also supports zone transfer. Similarly any domain name ending with “example.


It is used in any error messages BIND displays while parsing its config file. This is the official name of the DLZ filesystem driver.

We are telling BIND that we want to use the filesystem driver. A label is the portion of a domain name separated by “. This will be limited to the developer’s ability to test the drivers on multiple operating systems. New advanced file systems such as Reiser and memory file systems provide very high speed file and data access.

Bind-DLZ with MySQL

So this is not a requirement of funding because it is out of our control. The easiest way to understand how this happens is by demonstrating a few examples. Fix any bugs in previous drivers.

Send in your ideas. When dllz is specified the maximum label length is unlimited. When the max label length is NOT 0 the file system driver needs additional help to know what the hostname is for zone transfers.


Can you please share with me how one can configure for filesystem? Here’s how it works.

The LDAP driver should be usable with a wide variety of schemas. First the filesystem driver FSD will check for the following path: When a query for www.

NLnet; BIND DLZ; Phase 2 Project Plan

Beta testers on a variety of operating systems. The command line could be broken over many lines, but is not necessary here. Using this data, all previous answers to DNS queries would be answered in the same way. Next the driver will check the systek system for the following path: This driver is very flexible and should be able to support most database schemas.

The best we can do is to develop the code and present it for inclusion into BIND 9. This will be explained more later.