Type the name of a server data source to use for the connection, or select one from the drop-down list. The ODBC database you use for your data source might differ. Enter the setting for the environment variable. Ability to trace method calls. When set to 32, users of flat-file drivers are allowed to abort a long-running query by pressing the ESC key. If the password is not expired, the previously described dialog box appears, prompting only for the host user name and host password.

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In the connection string. Refer to your ODBC driver documentation for instructions on creating and testing a system data source.

.NET Bridges for JDBC and ODBC Databases – DataDirect Connectivity

Get full coverage from legacy. The data provider’s counters are located in the Performance Monitor obc a category name, for example, SequeLink. When set to 1 or higher, enables tracing.

This field is optional. The Create New Data Source window appears.

Type a unique name that identifies this ODBC data source configuration. Sequeink a time limit on: Speed Easily load large volumes of data without application code or additional vendor tools that slow performance.

Powerful SequeLink ODBC driver

This driver manager loads the backend driver upon request, finding all of the necessary information in the backend ODBC data source configuration file odbc.


When prompted, perform the following actions: Attend a Live Webinar This Week! When exporting a table from Microsoft Access that contains Null data in a memo column, Microsoft Access binds the parameter with a columnSize of If the password is not expired, the previously described dialog box appears, prompting only for the host user name and host password. Execute a single JDBC method or execute multiple JDBC methods simultaneously, so that you can easily perform some common tasks, such as returning result sets.

This attribute can also be a list of LDAP servers separated by a blank space for example, ld1.

This option is provided because some applications cannot handle database qualifiers. Scroll down the list until you find the driver associated with the database for which you want to create a data source, and then click Finish. The DSN-less connection string specifies a driver instead of a data source.

The dataditect default is 4. Identifies the application that is establishing the connections. The service name must be unique not used by another service. To make datadidect that you have set up the environment for the ODBC driver that you want to use, run the ivcheckodbc utility from a DOS prompt.

To create a new data source: Before starting this process, you must have installed DataDirect SequeLink SocketServer on the machine you wish to use as your data source. The first item in the list appears as the default in the database selection window.


Returns the total number of command executions that failed for any reason since the process started. If this validation fails, the SequeLink Server will attempt to authenticate the user ID and password with the database account defined for the domain of the machine on which the SequeLink Server is running.

Specifies where the centralized odbc. Users can then add the database drivers, which link the application to the database systems of their choice. Many of the SequeLink service templates provide a configuration that can be used without any modification.

Connection was closed and added to the cache.

Configuring SequeLink® Server for ODBC Socket

If the driver can connect, it releases the connection and displays a connection established message. DataDirect Test is a tool that is included in the SequeLink package.

Select a Vatadirect check box to see a cumulative record of previous actions; otherwise, only the last action is shown. DataDirect Spy provides the following advantages:.