I have the driver but still need the utility to use this webcam. Brian Murray brian-murray on Comment on this change optional. If I move to the table right next to me still well lit, but no spotlight pointed right at me , the skype images are “under-exposed” by what I would guess to be stops photographically very dark , but the cheese images are similar well lit whether in or not in the spotlight. This thread is locked.

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E Bison webcam Driver ver. I’ve tried using webcam cnf71299 from Acer and HP netbooks, but they won’t work with this webcam. The changes as you increase the fps setting are gradual, and even the darkest one isn’t awful or as bad as the CNF at the non-working fps settings.

Cmos Camera Chicony Cnf7129 Xp 090326 Zip Driver Download

This brief cnf712 will show you how to install a driver that does not contain a setup utility. How to find drivers for devices using a Hardware ID. See full activity log. Something else may have already been on the system because of my testing, but what I do not know.

The webcam problem is not resolved — extremely dark webcam images using the skype. Other Old Bioses Driver Easy. This is a very popular bug well, unpopular, but often reportedon a very large number of Asus and other laptops.


I have the driver for it and Windows 7 sees it fine a Chicony CNF but Windows 7 doesn’t appear to have any basic utility to take snapshots from the webcam. This bug affects 4 people. Well, that’s the problem. Enter into device manager. I fnf7129 the same question Here is a link to the patch, which I will also include as an attachment: Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else.

This netbook used to run Windows XP, cnv7129 XP had a built-in basic utility to take snapshots of whatever the webcam was seeing the webcam showed up in ‘My Computer’.

Most popular Asus Laptops: According to the page, this includes what’s below, but ncf7129 improvement. It should be picked up by the V4L maintainer soon. According to the PID number and the model name, you can find the right driver on the freedriver. Let me dp how I can help debug this issue further. Doing the same test on Karmic with my Logitech Notebook Deluxe Webcam, you get what you’d expect — the best lighted image is at 5fps and it gets progressively darker as you move toward 30fps.

But doing this test with the CNF, you get well exposed and surprising close images at both 30fps and 5fps, and an almost completely black image at all the other fps settings.


Laurent indicated it should be in 2. Other Asus laptops use the same webcam but it looks like any utility if one is even offered might only be available via a restore partition or similar that shipped with that laptop.

Mark Schroeder earth2mark-eeepc wrote on How satisfied are you with this reply? Email me about changes to this bug report. It’s just my impression, but it looks like Windows selects a frame rate in low light that’s even lower than 5fps.

In each case, cn7f129 merge branch listed first contains the fix for the Chicony CNFamong other fixes. WebCam, and right click to go to “Property”.

Asus Chicony CNF Camera Driver V Driver – TechSpot

Installing the cmf7129 skype. Here in a coffee shop with a really bright spotlight pointed straight at my face, the cheese and skype webcam images are both well lit. Specific to skype; cheese works fine on both Jaunty and Karmic.