I highly recommend that shaft if your in that speed range. With 3 weighting options to suit the shot you desire and numerous top shafts available, the are specs for every player. Swing speed for me is around …peaking at MPH. When you hit this club on the screws, it goes…and goes straight. So within the Fusion family, you have red, orange, yellow, and grey on different products. The 9 Degree Stiff, Draw version seemed to fit my swing better than the Neutral, which had a more consistent slice. I am not an avid golfer and have a swing speed of about

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Today’s Golfer

I think that is a great shaft so you might want to consider it before trying any of the other more expensive shafts.

There is aluminum used in the sole of the FT-i, just as with the FT-5, and the neck of the driver sports a tiny hosel-like protrusion. After playing my buddies FT I all last season I took the plunge and got the reg.

A note on tour use: It would also be a lot easier on my pocket. This club will make you very happy.

Callaway Fusion FT-5 Driver Review | Equipment Reviews | Today’s Golfer

I feel confident with it most of the time. They callxway let the club do the work, well this one is the hardest worker ive come across to date- they are very cheap now- go get one! If you catch one flush with the driver, it is nearly as long as the FT-5, thanks to that extra three-quarters of an inch in shaft length.


The cc head has been manufactured with a longer, wider and hotter face for more confidence at address.

The FT-5 right looks larger at address than the FT-3 left despite having the same clubhead volume. It is a significant improvement yolf the Taylor.

Longer and straighter than the taylor mades by far 1 out of 2 people found the follow review helpful. For a slicer or a golfer who has a probloem swing this may indeed help, but this driver is not for the better players. The FT-5 went longer, but I could really spray them wildly offline with a poor swing. Hitting the two drivers head-to-head, the FT-5 was consistently five yards longer than the FT-3 on center callawzy and misses.

I think the FTi is a great club. The sound took a little getting used tosimilar to whacking a 59 Buick hub-cap with a cresent wrench. I bought a new FTi after demoing one during a scramble. I love the clubhead but hate the stock shaft.

I am debating buying another and replacing my other driver that lives in my house on the Algarve. I played with this driver on Thursday 5th May two days after I bought it and drove yards and scored 40 stableford for the first time.

Callaway FT-5 Tour Draw Driver

Found the Golfbidder site and located a callaway FT5 HT driver which they said was in good condition. The sound, the feel, everything, seemed contrived and not much better than other modern drivers.

The sound of the FT-i was loud but not offensive, and the feel was uniformly meaty on every shot no matter where on the callaaay the ball was struck. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your holf address will not be published.


Thinking that newer technology would produce more distance off the tee with less effort and less strain on my tired back, I took a shot at the FT-5 based csllaway rave reviews all over the web. The only thing I can deduce is that the lighter weight in comparison to my old driver was causing me to close the face of the FT at impact.

Callaway knows the FT-i is not a distance club…. Better than other drivers including hi-boreXL, titleist d series, nike sumo and Taylor made quad.

Callaway FT-5 Tour Draw Driver

So far, my distance has increased by 20 yards but far more importantly, I am hitting far more fairways. I have only swung each a few times, and have had better luck with the FT-i.

This is the identity crisis I alluded to above. I had my grip, my stance and even my swing changed with my old driver but with the same setup i was hooking everything with the ft-5 so I just lined up straight and the first one i hit went dead straight i was still golg the ball off the heel all the time but i lined up with the toe of the club and that fixed that.

Heres my review of the club.