Label printer for direct connection available. More batteries will pass. The added stations increase throughput and improve flexibility in accommodating batteries that require immediate service. Level 1 – Off, allows full access, no programming restrictions default Level 2 – Low, password protected; allows C-code selection and display options Level 3 – High, password protected; most programming choices locked. Each adapter has room for 10 C-codes. This is only the C battery analyser.

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Maintains batteries for critical use. For storefront service, visit our C JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Models C Battery Analyzer 40 Watts The two-station Cadex C suits smaller organizations and storefront operations; 40 watts of charge cades at 4 amps per station ensures quick service of larger batteries.

The adapters contain C-codes that configure the analyzer to the correct setting.

C 4 Bay Cadex Battery Analyzer – Emerging Power : Emerging Power

This cost-effective analyzer offers similar features to the larger C Battery Adapters are equipped with a temperature sensor. Cadex warrants the analyzer against defective materials and workmanship for a period of two 2 years from the original purchase date.

The C-Series from Cadex is made up of two units. Spring-loaded arms meet the battery contacts from the top down and lockable mechanism allows quick and repetitive testing.


Use the analyzer to measure capacity, spot check spare capacity after a long day carex apply calibration to improve fuel gauge readings. Barcode Battery Tracking By utilising the Cadex software, Cadex printer and a barcode scanner, you can keep track of your batteries by printing info and a barcode onto a label.


The service lasts a few minutes, but the battery should be full charged. The above adapters are not for use with Li-ion batteries on the following Cadex Models: Time on power failure and resumption is recorded. The retractable floor holds the battery in vertical or dadex position. For less stringent applications. Service time is hours per battery Custom programs Four separate Custom programs allow user-defined programs composed of f7400, discharge, recondition, wait and repeats.

C7400ER Advanced Battery Analyzer (170 Watts)

Boost activates the circuit and brings the pack back to life. Features The Cadex C7x00 Series battery analyzers are more than programmable power supplies to charge and discharge batteries; they assess the condition of a battery and provide intelligence to safely service them.

The C7x00 captures the battery parameters in a unique C-code that is stored in the battery adapter. The gold-plated contacts are user-replaceable.

Six amps per station, service of 36 volt batteries and watts of continuous power satisfies most service requirements. The Cadex C7x00 Series battery analyzer enables to keep batteries for their optimal life span.


For ultimate control, available as an optional extra, is the amazing PC-Battery Shop.

C Advanced Battery Analyzer (80 Watts) – Cadex Ecomm Platform

The programs follow a different path if a certain condition occurs. Acdex printer for direct connection available. Attaching a small battery label containing service date, due date and capacity reading simplifies battery management. Prepare Battery for Storage, Shipment Lifecycle test This program assists in the selection of battery models and performs incoming inspection.

Automatic full charge detection, safe termination under all conditions. Cadex has developed over custom adapters to meet the needs of our customers, and regularly creates new ones.

A temperature sensor monitors the battery. Protected algorithms with redundant safety features identify a faulty battery and terminate the service with message when so needed. Li-ion packs often fail due to over-discharge.

C7400 4 Bay Cadex Battery Analyzer

Each adapter has room for 10 C-codes. The C which has two positions and the Cadex C c74000 is made up of four analyser positions. Reading internal resistance to estimate battery health is no longer reliable; modern Li-ion keeps low resistance.