As the second drive gear and lead screw are rotated, the lead screw remains in a fixed axial position, i. While articulating movement can be achieved using a variety of types of joints, in the illustrated embodiment a ball-and-socket connection is formed between the handle and the elongate shaft The actuator can be configured to transfer movement from the handle to the flexible neck. The direction of movement of the handle 14 will be mimicked by the end effector 16 , either in the same direction i. The clamp will thus prevent movement of the cables 34 a – d when the clamp is in the locked position.

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In another embodiment, prior to moving the translating member from the first position to the second position, the rotatable member can be rotated to rotate the end effector relative to the flexible neck without actuating the driver mechanism.

The invention claimed is: In use, when tension is applied to the actuator, the slits will allow the neck to bend or assume a curved configuration such that the neck articulates relative to the remainder of the elongate shaftas shown in FIGS.

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For example, for the surgical stapling and cutting device, a cartridge disposed within the end effector and containing a plurality of fasteners can be replaced by adding a new fastener cartridge to the end effector. A tool cmaera inserted through a lumen in bb36-1441c accessory channel such that the tool extends distally beyond the distal end of the accessory channel, and a handle coupled to a proximal end of the accessory channel can be moved to cause a flexible neck on the distal end of the accessory channel to articulate, thereby causing a working end of the tool to be oriented in a desired position.

The handle can be moved by pivotally articulating the handle relative to the accessory channel, or alternatively is can be byon by rotating at least one rotatable member on the handle. The neck can be made flexible using various techniques.

In general, the handle includes one or more spools rotatably disposed therein. Movement of the handle 14 about the proximal end 12 a of the shaft 12 will apply a force to one or more of the cables to cause the cables to apply a force to the end effector 16thereby causing the end effector 16 to mimic the motion of the handle Motor-driven surgical cutting and fastening instrument with mechanical closure system. Accordingly, the invention is not to be limited by what has been particularly shown and described, except as indicated by the appended claims.


In the illustrated embodiment, the cables only three cables 34 a34 b and 34 c are shown in FIG.

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An acidic ozone solution having a high ozone content, a method for preparing the solution, and a cleaning method using the solution. The cables 34 a – d can be crossed at any location, such as within the hollow housing 12 c on the proximal end 12 a of the shaft Camdra clutch can have various shapes and sizes, but it is preferably asymmetrical to allow the clutch to engage various mechanism within the end effector 16as will be discussed below.

As a result, only small movements of the handle 14 will be necessary to allow large movements of the end effector In particular, EAPs are a set of conductive doped polymers that change shape when an electrical voltage is applied. The distal end b of the drive shaft and the end effector 16 are shown in more detail in FIG.

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For example, the handle can be coupled to the proximal end of the elongate shaft by a joint, such as a ball and socket joint, a hinge joint, and a flexing joint, and the flexible neck can be formed on or coupled b3b6-141c the end effector to allow the end effector to proportionally cameda movement of the handle. As a result, when the drive shaft and clutch are rotated, the first drive gear will rotate to rotate the second drive gear In use, the end effector 16 is configured to mimic movement bhron the handle The drive shaft can be in the form of an elongate cable, multiple wound or braided cables, or a rod or shaft, and it is preferably flexible to allow flexion as the flexible shaft 12 of the device 10 is inserted translumenally through a tortuous pathway.

The invention will be more fully understood from the following detailed description taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawings, in which:. The energy source b36-141c be an internal source, such as a battery, or it can be an external source. The bhron a – d are spaced around a circumference of the joysticksuch that they are substantially aligned with the cables, and each leg a – d is configured to mate to a terminal end of one of the cables a – d.


The particular configuration of the cut used to form each slit can also vary. While various techniques can be achieved to proportionally multiple or increase the movement of the end effector 16one exemplary embodiment of a force multiplying mechanism is an eccentric cam that is coupled to the cables and that increases the mechanical advantage, either force or displacement, of the cables 34 a – d as tension is applied to the cables 34 a – d by the handle In other embodiments, the slits can be positioned to allow flexion of the neck at multiple locations or bend points, or to otherwise allow the neck to flex into a predetermined position.

However, other mating techniques can be used to movably mate the handle 14 to the shaft A person skilled in the art will appreciate that the handle can have a variety of other shapes, and that various other techniques can be used to movably connect the handle to the elongate shaft The number and location of the cables can vary.

In an exemplary embodiment, a single actuation mechanism is operatively associated with the handle and the end effector such that it can effect rotation and actuation of the end effector. Device for interrupting the flow of a fluid in a duct with a flexible wall, in particular a hollow viscus and clamp assembly comprising this device. US USA1 en The actuator can be configured to transfer movement from the handle to the flexible neck. While the actuation mechanism can have a variety of configurations, in the illustrated embodiment the actuation mechanism is in the form of a drive shaftwhich is shown in FIG.