Although Busabout is a little too structured for many independent travellers, it is a good option for first-time travellers who may not be ready for the type of flexible travel offered by a railpass but who want a little more freedom than what is offered by a tour such as Contiki. I would definitely look into Busabout the next time you want to travel in Europe! I spent the whole month of August traveling around Western Europe with a company called Busabout. It includes stops in 46 destinations in all 14 countries served by Busabout. North, East and West Loops.

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Or will the have too much on Western Europe because those destinations are free europewn easy compared to the Eastern Treks. Short Trips From weeks See the short trips other passengers have created. You should be fine, though — I was booking things fairly last-minute! Good drop-off hostels — I already touched on this earlier, ehropean Busabout does a great job of choosing some top-notch hostels all over Europe.

However, the company provides each traveler with a handy Busabout guide at the start of the trip that includes Busabout-recommended activities and tours at each stop. Is there any other advice you can offer? Not very long, though.


And it IS something worth mentioning. Grab A Hop-on Hop-off Brochure. But, since Busabout is largely unknown outside of Australia, I figured I should probably give eudopean a detailed run-down of what my ciach with this company was like. Whereas on our 55 seat coaches you can quickly make new friends if you need to, and there’s definitely a lot more potential on a 55 seat coach!

And it’s the same when someone tells you about their trip to Europe. Kim 3 years ago.

You can plan your route using the Busabout website once you’ve bought your pass, and you are also able to make changes to your itinerary through a guide on each bus. Amanda 3 years ago. Very glad you stumbled upon this post! Ali 5 years ago.

Our legendary guides will make a huge difference to your experience. Hop-on Hop-off gives you the freedom to create your perfect itinerary using a private door-to-door coach network. Check out some of the frequently asked questions to help you out.

Busabout Superstar Crew | Busabout

I agree that Busabout is great for all the reasons you mentioned! Since you are free to spend as long as you like in each destination, foach can have your own adventures, at your own pace.

I took Busabout years ago when I was traveling through Europe for three months. But its routes cover most of the main cities, as well as a few smaller ones that you probably wouldn’t otherwise consider or even know about. Hi Amanda, Great review for xoach. East and South Loops. Guides — Each bus has a Busabout guide aboard, despite the fact that there’s really no tour element to the hop-on, hop-off network.


But, in reality, waiting until the last minute to book a seat can sometimes mean you won’t get one. What a fantastic post!

Busabout Superstar Crew

Busabout provided me with transport on all 3 of their Europe loopsbut all opinions of my experience are entirely my busavout After having read your article on the busabout…. I do my best to be as honest as possible whenever I write reviews of anything. Most people I traveled with on Busabout had their itineraries fully planned before they traveled. I was not sure if Busabout was a good option for me.

Carolyn 5 years ago. I loved your post, it was really helpful.