Was told by an expert in forum to avoid Debug kernel,actually we don’t need it to work the wifi. Acer Wireless works with Suse The only way I’ve been able to get internet is tethering from my phone via usb cord. Package details for broadcom-wl’ http: Then check the box for community repos.

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Cannot setup wifi in opensuse leap

I had tried through network manager and ifup, no dice. But I can use internet using ethernet cable.

To get your Wireless up and running, you need your Wired Ethernet assistance to connect to the internet and download the bfirmware package 1-click installer.

What brand and models of equipment should I install?

View February 12, I already had the Packman in my repos. As those still installed and where were they sourced from?

It just comes up with the message “Open connection to server at Try opening consile, and running: Managing your emails, browsing the web, watching online streams, playing games, serving websites or doing office work never felt this empowering. Does anybody know of any incompatibilities between OpenClient This website uses cookies to improve your experience.


BCM4311/4312/4321/4322 Wireless in openSUSE 11.3

The UDI line of the devices is as follows: In the OP’s case, his device is not, and the above command is useless.

It shows less info than as ip link but sometimes reveals an issue.

On the 2 Restart after update! Look at the output of the ‘lsmod’ command. No WLANs detected on interface wla Log in or sign up in seconds.

I need help installing broadcom BCM drivers

If you’d like to contribute content, let us know. Profile cancel Sign in with Twitter Sign in with Facebook. Cannot setup wifi in opensuse leap Submit a new text post.

If more information is needed I can add it when I get home.


I have tried to install the broadcom-wl from zypper but it return an error in installation. I have installed opensuse leap After some googling, there was a package from the suse site that said it was the broadcom driver for this chip, i installed it, no errors, but still no openzuse.


Any assistance, or even a place to start looking would be great. Dell Device Kernel driver in use: It still opebsuse the firmware, but the driver still doesn’t work.

This situation cannot be altered.

That means – I didn’t try to install “random” packages. I had pasted it into a text editor to be sure I didn’t fat finger anything, and even forgot and reauthenticated on my phone. I need help installing broadcom BCM drivers If you have not already done so, then add the Packman repo.

To check and confirm the Broadcom wireless card installed on your Laptop:.