Submit a new text post. The following section contains BBS List menu commands:. It cannot send it because it doesn’t know it. This file is always created in lower cased letters on all operating systems. Yes, you understand where im at and where im headed, this is good info thankyou. DIZ files, and more.

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Mystic will display myfile.

Mystic BBS : Features

I really would like to stay within Java is this possible to do with Java? Want to add to the discussion? This option allows the user view the BBS list using the detailed list mode.

Some examples of the DATA commands: Mystic will display myfile from the user theme text directory applying the same extension rules. Beginners level programmer here.

There are a vast number of optional data which can be supplied to change the way in which the files are sent. General Procedure and Functions. In fact, a user can upload as many files as they want at one time without ever entering any file names or information about hbs file!

These drop files are always created in the node’s specific temporary directory. Submit a bgs text post. The viewer also has the ability to extract and display SAUCE tags to get the artist and group information.


New User Settings 2. This section contains menu actions that are relative to Mystic’s file areas. Mystic can detect all of the upload files, test them, import descriptions if they exist, and optionally prompt door32.sjs user for descriptions if it is configured to do so and there wasn’t a. If the data is set to “-” then Mystic will move to the previous File Group.

Mystic in the near future will encrypt a users password, meaning at no time does it ever know or store your actual password. Also, check out https: Otherwise, it will be uploaded to the user’s currently selected File Base.


The List ID is simply the base filename used to store the BBS list database on disk, so it can be any valid filename but should never include any file extension, just a basic word of text. Hop on enigma-bbs on FreeNode and you can probably get some good guidance. If the BBS is configured to place uploads in door32.sya specific File Base, then the file will be uploaded into that base.

It cannot send it because it doesn’t know it. This command will allow the user to search for files by performing a partial text match against the filename OR any text in the file description. Ive played aroudn with Mystic BBS and am a bit familiar with it.


Aborting is allowed by voor32.sys. This command will allow the user to set their new last file scan date to a user inputted date. The file “myansifile” is the display file, since it is missing a path and a file extension, Mystic will use “.

FN – Scan for, and list new files Data: The following commands gbs available for executing external programs and doors: Use a baud rate of 0 for a full doo3r2.sys display. FU – Upload a file Data: Don’t be a jerk.

If a file is found, the contents will be listed and the user can navigate through its contents, view and download files within the archive, as well as view, search and download contents of archives contained with that archive.