In terminal “ifconfig” gives me eth0 and lo. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Wifi set up driver. This guide will work for any Linux distributions, namely —. I think the link was good, just didn’t download for some reason. So similar commands like this was useless. Your screenshot shows only eth0 and lo there is no wireless adapter there, you do not have wireless working, if you did there would be another Interface named WLAN0 or similar.

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However I have seen windows laptops configured with Intel MBR schemes with all 4 primary partitions used a s backup. Following is how you use dmesg. Extract the files from the archive file you just downloaded and leave awus36h in your download folder. I used lsusb -t to dump the physical USB device hierarchy as a tree.

The best Wi-Fi-Stick – for Alfa AWUS036H | Linux | 2015

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Bill December 12, at Try the vmware forum, the guys who write it should be able to offer some advice on vmware.

So similar commands like this was useless. I just bought one and they can be used with windows, mac and linux.


ALFA AWUSNH Windows 10/KALI Linux – Tech Support Forum

Results 1 to 4 of 4. There is a working wireless adapter.

You must always pay attention to what is allowed in your country. What should I do? However, this is tedious job. Everything on awus306h topic of Wi-Fi in Ubuntu How do I setup the Alfa awush mibt on Linux?

I tried downloading a driver from the link you provided but it didn’t work Anil Prajapati November 21, at Those guys are running kali installed on partitions not vmware, that is the difference.

In my case I had just 2 device plugged in. Nint you for your feedback! After reading and following this guide you will be able to identify the followings: I think the link was good, just didn’t download for some reason.

ALFA AWUS036NH Windows 10/KALI Linux

This can be stopped by issuing the command: Last but not the least, this is another way to identify which driver your Linux installation is using for a particular USB pluggable device. I had to ensure the rtsta driver was in the Ubuntu build and activated. The internal wifi is still active as can be seen with: After reading and following this guide you will be able to identify the followings:. Is anyone here using the alpha awush and linux?


alfa awush wireless adapter and linux

My understanding is that other people have used this adapter to do testing but as far as I can find, they were all using earlier non Windows 10 drivers. That hardware does work natively on Kali linux, see this post: For some reason, USB devices mijt listed slight different.

With the 9dBi rod antenna included with me in the scope of delivery a couple of Wi-Fi network on the screen. Learn how your comment data is processed. All times are GMT Great information It has helped me out a lot.

You are telling me the problem is with VMware.