Tue, Aug 14 I think it is your version of Avid 8,4. Supported Blackmagic Design Peripherals. I didn’t get much of a chance to play around on AVID much after installing the driver, so I can’t say for sure yet if things are improved. All testing for Pro Tools 8. Thanks Bruno, it turns out the installer I had downloaded was the 32 bit version. Fri, Jan 6 7:

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DeckLink | Blackmagic Design

I guess you get what you pay for and with a budget card your saving is the lack of support and development. Fri, Jan 6 7: I never stated that was his issue, in fact I was implying decklinkk reverse, that a more finicky bandwidth limited BM device works well with a higher version of Avid. Compatibility and Requirements with Pro Tools Systems.

Thanks Marianna, so far I’ve been working away all day with Tue, Aug 14 6: Every DeckLink card features high quality connections so you get pristine video and audio along with compatibility for working with the widest range of professional SDI equipment.

There’s no information from Black Magic at all. Tue, Jul 17 Thu, Jan 12 2: Im setting up a brand new MC7 system right now with Decklink Studio and my test captures are one from off as well.


Reverted back svid What a luck, that I have no client today, so I can spend some time on this issue. This uses the same Open IO subsystem as the Ultrastudio.

Avid Media Composer & BlackMagic HD Decklink Extreme 3D Card timecode offset : Avid Media Composer

Wed, Jan 18 4: Oldest to newest Newest to oldest Previous Next. Failed to get enumeration interface. Oldest to newest Newest to oldest Previous Next.

Latest post Fri, Sep 14 4: You guys ever find a fix for this? Pat i finally got a chance to try this at home with my Mac setup. Decklink mini monitor sluggish responsiveness Reply Contact Hi Mercer, I had some downtime between shows and upgraded the system to 8. Fri, Jan 20 7: Have 2 systems set up using the Black Magic Decklink HD Extreme 3D card and both show a 1 frame picture and audio delay compared to the serial deck control timecode when capturing.

Just a word of warning about this update. This cog wheel, where is it, how does it look?

Avid Media Composer & BlackMagic HD Decklink Extreme 3D Card timecode offset

I’ve played briefly with some other drivers versions, but many seem to crash Avid outright. And in this case the solution was easy: No other capture and playback cards are supported by more software applications avod Mac. Because Pro Tools has limited control over the QuickTime engine, even an output which is locked to external video reference may occasionally skip or hold a frame to remain in sync. Work with any video format and resolution that you need! Supported Blackmagic Design Peripherals.


Reply Contact If you don’t see the cog wheel on the right of the buttons above the standard timeline, then likely your drivers or hardware are not installed correctly. Blackmagic did send me a link to the specific security update that supposedly enables the new driver signing, but it is telling me it won’t install on my machine.

From what I gather reading BM forums most of the issues surrounding the Shuttle are users not carefully following advice and recommendations. OK – seems to be working well, video playing on the build in DNxIO monitor but not to big screen – but that may be a loose connection or something of that sort.

I have the latest version of boris.