Visit our network of sites: The hard drive is the major let down for the A6KT. There are no numbers specified by Asus on the website nor in the manual. Movies are viewable as long as the group huddles togheter to fit inside that degree range, otherwise depending on how far outside this zone they are it can become difficult to view or even impossible. Control your PN before ordering.

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If there are any imperfections, they are very minor and hardly noticeable. More on that later.

Asus A6 Notebook Review

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Performing such an operation however, will void the warranty if not done by qualified personnel. You can see that outdoors the screen acts like a mirror due to it being a glossy screen view large image. Its screen is a 15,4″ with a x pixels resolution. Also, the palm rests, at each side of the touchpad are firm enough to sustain even a heavy hand such as mine without bending a milimeter.

Touchhpad get ugly when viewing q6000 a side angle view large image. The suffix differentiates the configs of this notebook Q could be Q or Q etc. Grey Top case 15 inch SKU: The belly of the laptop view large image. Contents of the Asus A6K box view large image. What first struck me looking at this laptop was its sweet asud to performance ratio.


If an item is “. The Turion64 can only be compared in terms of performance to the Core Solo.

Give us a chance to make things right for you, and we youchpad do our best to assist you solve any issue. It does make talking over the internet so much faster and more enjoyable as it removes the need for an extra USB slot for the webcam and the need to connect an annyoing microphone. The symbols on a000 are clear and white, and positioned in the upper and lower left corner of the keys for primary and seconday functions and upper right for tertiary functions.

Asus A6 Notebook Review

Its WXGA screen is a 15,4″ with a x pixels resolution. More on that later.

All Auction Buy It Now. A nice touch is the frame surrounding the touchpad inlcuding the buttons, which are all made out of aluminium with a slight striation along their surface.


The Asus Z92TC laptop offers the ideal balance between power, graphics, portability and a sleek design that features a This is a smart choice as sweat from the fingers will reduce the aging of these buttons. This version of the A6KT came with a built-in a60000 and microphone, for easy communication on the go.

Asus A6 packaging view large image. Guaranteed Delivery see all.

Heat is not an issue so far. Please provide a valid price range.

ASUS A6k 6000 A6000 Laptop Palmrest Top Case Touchpad Media Bar Ky13gnci3ap250-6

Visit our network of sites: FedEx delivery In 24h. The left side just has the DVD drive view large image.

As far as I can work out, the horizontal viewing angles are around degrees which is uncommon for a modern LCD. The Asus Z92T laptop offers the ideal balance between power, graphics, portability and a sleek design that features a We strive to be your 1 source for computer parts.