I started suspecting that the Creative TNT2 wasn’t good or something like it. The given CD comes with these software: It just freakin looks cool. Still, it would’ve been nice to see the setting in the BIOS. So far all looks good. Since Acer is such a large company, they have a sister-company called AOpen, which stands for Acer-Open division now you know why it’s called AOpen?

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There are not a lot of AGP cards out there that will run happily at this speed!

With socket CPU’s in a slocket this is not normally a problem. I started suspecting that the Creative TNT2 wasn’t good or something like it. Saving cost again AOpen? Have you seen them up close?

You are thinking, Porno Review? I see this trend advancing even further over the next few years and I really have ax6bv say I dig it. And the biggest complain of all would be the lack of a proper manual in booklet form! The correct way to go about implementing this feature is clearly described in PDF-format manual.

As usual, no fluff, no BS, just the facts bro. Personally, I find it better to loop the cable over the back of the board and run it underneath – this helps with airflow through the case too. Multipliers support ranged from 1. Now, since AOpen does provide the conventional Battery just in case, you don’t have to worry about unplugging the power supply.


Test Configuration Processor s: But to my dismay, no 3D related stuff would run!

[H]ardOCP: AOpen AX6BC Pro Gold

A Normal motherboard booklet like that bundled with older AOpen motherboards would be very useful. This motherboard implements a high efficient synchronous switching design so that the temperature of MOS FET is far less than the Schottky diode of the asynchronous design. Slot 1, 16 FSB’s Good overclocking features like voltage control, Bios controlled CPU settings, FSB’s, good expansion, Saving of settings in EEPROM, nearly jumperless, very fast performance, extremely stable, quality components and everything else you need is available on this board.

Another flaw is that it has trouble taking in SECC-2 packaged processors! Unfortunately this setting is available only via a jumper block on the mainboard, and not via the Bios.

So what is the big deal here? If this is a board aimed at overclockers, what happened to the 3rd fan-connector? The board is tad bigger and spacious than many other BX motherboards of its category and the result is that most connectors are easily accessible without any hindrance.

This is a long way from the CPU slot, which is a good thing, because where there’s power there’s heat, and those big cables also block airflow around the CPU badly on some other boards. I would have like to have 0. Suspend to Hard Drive saves your current work system status, memory image into hard disk. There are a total of FSB settings: The usual serial and parallel ports etc.


That means my Canopus Riva was running at Mhz bus flawlessly!! Bus multiplier ratio is selectable from 1. Below are more details of each, taken from the manual: There are no negative voltage steps available. Though setting up the board is easy, it’s very irritating to find out the motherboard features, its offerings and many meanings of the Bios menu from the CD.

The 20 most bizarre and innovative motherboards: 1999 – 2010

The floppy connector prl placed right at the back of the Slot-1, the traditional place where AOpen places the floppy and power-supply connectors but at least the big power connector is moved up front but the floppy connector still remains there.

Hats off to AOpen for going ahead and adapting to the specs that they could. Overall Rating Out of a maximum of 5 Star.