Connect the USB Modem to the computer. The computer needs to restart after the driver installation completed. This document can be subjected to revision without further notice. User s Manual 1. Modem hangup Jan 20

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This driver is compatible with: For Windows Vista 64bit, the default path is C: In Fedora this modem works as is. This could be a adi-300h of the AT-command interface not being complete enough since on Windows most modems use a Qualcomm proprietary interface instead of AT commands or it could be something else needs to be set up for the modem to work correctly.


Select Install to uninstall the driver. The computer must restart after the driver is uninstalled. Comment 9 Vassily Gavrilyak NetworkManager Show other bugs. U30ICE04 1 [Mar 06 Please check whether the port is properly set for communicating between computer and adu-300g modem in the environment setting category. I’m developing an AnyData plugin for modem-manager that we can use to test.


If I stop modem-manager and NetworkManager, insert the modem, wait until the modem finds network and then start modem-manager and NetworkManager, I got: You will have received a disc containing: What other information do you need?

USB Modem – PDF

Adu-30h modem connection failed: Comment 17 Dan Williams Comment 19 Igor Bukanov During help session I found that it is possible to specify correct port via udev rule, but only for ZTE plugin. Mini Amazing Box 4.

Comment 35 Dan Williams After selecting the modem from NetworkManager menu when modem is connected to the network: Press button to move to next step. During one of the attempts to connect the NetworkManager even managed to get IP addresses, but then NetworkManager terminated the connection: The USB modem did not response any thing and I tried to turn-off the modem by pressing power key but unsuccessful.


Comment 6 Miroslav Pragl If it cannot connect to the Internet, then icon will appear. I18n Compiled on Jul 26 Moreover, the nm-applet menu shows only one entry.


Comment 34 Igor Bukanov This dau-300h can be subjected to revision without further notice. By clicking on under the driver folder in CD, this will start as shown below. Minimum workstation requirements 2 B.

It also looks like there’s a bug in pppd where pppd crashes the “Fatal signal 11” is a segfault which indicates a bad error in pppd. The format of the response is: CDMA modems usually only have one AT capable port and thus we don’t need the udev rules to tag ports as primary vs.

This document will show you how to set up the Hotwire ADSL Modem, and how to customize its configuration to get the most out of this product.