I will go ahead and coin a new phrase here: Experience a new dimension in gaming physics performance. Another problem was the fact that the extra particles and polygons created due to the physics implementations had a real impact on the performance, as the GPU suddenly needs to render a large number of new particles and effects not present without a dedicated PhysX card. Actually a lot of onboard stuff is still using the PCI bus ; Will be nice to finally get a pure pci-E chipset though.. Its like driving a car at full RPM then expecting it to do your dishes too!

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I doubt it, I think that it just looks like one because it fits in more then one type of PCI Express slot.

Another PhysX capable game is the Unreal Engine 3, which we will cover as soon as it is released. Bought it, played Cellfactor, uninstalled, and added the card to the shelf. It’s not just how things look, but how they behave. IMO, I would only get the Physics card if you like to really enjoy the graphics of your game. This item doesn’t belong on this page.

BFG Technologies AGEIA PhysX (BFGRPHYSX128P) 128MB DDR3 SDRAM PCI Graphic Card

GPU’s are fully loaded as it is. Real interactivity was always an aspect in games, which designers tried to reach, but never achieved. First attempts were made with scripted interactivity within the virtual realm. Now awaiting the ported update by Nvidia. This is where the “second generation PPU enabled games” come in. I would love some decent PCI-E sound cards though. These are games which had the time to mature and use the Ageia PhysX architecture to a much greater extent than previous titles.


BFG Technologies AGEIA PhysX (BFGRPHYSXP) MB DDR3 SDRAM PCI Graphic Card | eBay

Phyzx now, only limited software physics has been integrated in games. In recent years, the 3D aspect – while still important and still being improved – is taken for granted. Most of the action is limited to pre-scripted or canned animations. Show less Show more. That means physics computation has been handled by the general purpose CPU which is already burdened with the ever increasing demands of today’s advanced games including game logic and AI.

Red Fraction is such an example. Oh the humanity, will Ageia and it’s PhysX card just go away already. On the topic of real physic computation, there are generally three camps today. Serious gamers are left with a fine game, but one with a missing sense of realism to make the experience truly immersive. Its like driving a car at full RPM then expecting it to do your dishes too!

You had better effects with OpenGL back in the day, without a loss of overall performance. Sunday, October 2nd You may also like. While the adoption of GPUs has gone smoothly, as it agiea bring real and foremost simply implemented benefits, this is not the case with PPUs.


The card will fit into a PCI Express x1 or x16 slot, and has a single molex power connector. Massively destructible buildings and landscapes; explosions that cause collateral damage; lifelike characters with spectacular new weapons; realistic smoke, fog and oozing fluids are all now possible with the AGEIA PhysX processor!

The second group puts eexpress money on GPUs, which are very effective in processing the 3D environments of modern games. Skip to main content. The big era of 3D graphics was qgeia first notable evolution in games and quite a few different companies stepped up to the place to deliver dedicated graphic processing units or GPUs back in the day.

Meanwhile, the highly specialized graphics processor is fully engaged with handling the rendering requirements of cinematic visuals at interactive framerates.

I am glad to see the movement to PCI-E is getting stronger. The overall acceptance of the new processor type has not been as large as some may have thought and there is an explanation for this.

Far from being pcie lol: