And at what level of ball striking ability would you believe it makes sense to play a blade all other aspects of the game being equal? If you need help in finding a good clubmaker to work with to help you, go to the home page of wishongolf. There was one tournament that tiger averaged or something crazy like that. From that, the smash factor will be lower and the distance will be less as well. Originally Posted by erock If the CG were different enough on the two heads, this is where the one with the lower CG could generate a higher launch with more spin, and for some golfers that might mean more fade or draw for an on center hit than a higher CG head.

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Los Angeles Ebay ID: Before they do that they want to have as vd assurance as possible that they can actually generate demand, which means they have to get some feedback that golfers are going to be receptive to 460cx model.

Also depends on the shaft length. Golfers also associate scorelines with spin. Posts 1, Rep Power 15 cc more to miss with? Happy to hear that the is winning a spot in your starting line up. Can’t hit the ccnot my thing. In all, it has been nothing more than a massive sales campaign to get golfers to part with copious amounts of their hard-earned cash for very little reward!!!!!


I never actually hit the cc or cc, but I liked the cc quite a bit, mostly due to the shape and small footprint. By MaxPower88 in va Golf Discussion.

To square the face at address I use the last 3 fingers of my left hand and this points the lead hand V towards the trail shoulder. Sign in anonymously Don’t add me to the active users list. However, unlike the almighty blades versus cavity backs debate, the sweet 400cv on the cc driver produces the same result it would on the cc driver.

Wanna get rid of this ugly yellow box?

Nike VR Driver cc + cc Tour VR

At cc, my RXD looks plenty big enough for me. Lets be tru to fact here so no one gets confused.

Want to v this ad? But on the other hand, I would bet the farm that you would not be able to buy one of the actual heads made for the long drive guys with their slightly thicker face.

Tried the cc route and don’t feel that the gains are as advertised. I get about max with my Cleveland and might get a few more with the My driver is the TaylorMade R Tour and it is just cc in size. A bag of hacking utensils; Titleist TS3 9. Advertise with us Privacy 400ccc. What’s in Bobcat’s Bag?

Nike VR Driver cc Tour vs cc STR8-Fit: Image of the Day!

If you had a week or so to be able to be without the two clubs such that you could send them to us, we can do that in about an hour or so and let you know what we find and then get the clubs back to you totally intact and with no changes from how they are now.


Not the size of the head. Same shaft in my Cleveland has a baby fade every time. Brian November 12, Reply I think they are all valid points here. Please log in to reply.

Nike VR Driver 460cc + 400cc Tour VR

Interestingly, both my Nike Sumo and Cleveland Launcher, when hit well, give about the same distance and same ball flight. Fubuki 63gm stiff I have no complaints.

It is because in a blade, because there is no cavity on the back, for the heads to all not be heavier than their assigned headweights, the blade HEIGHT has to be shorter. With blade you just made bogey or double. Expert editorial reviews, breaking golf tour and industry news, what to play, how to play and where to play.