It is logical when you think about it. What if that one time you catch the blade off the toe is a shot to a green with a water hazard hugging tight against the entire front of the green? I’ve hit a large number of drivers from to cc. Reply I have no complaints. The shortening of an existing driver causes the swingweight to drop by 3 swt points for each half inch shortened. Which in the end matters more than anything, well as long as it isn’t costing you strokes.

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Everyone else should be in a driver length that would be between As a result of these four aspects, the Cleveland Launcher gave me confidence 460fc time I put it in play.

ERC Pr cc Soon? If the CG were different enough on the two heads, this is where the one with the lower CG could generate a higher launch with more spin, and for some golfers that might mean more fade or draw for an on center hit than a higher CG head.

I’ve forgotten my password. Golf in Australia is Wallowing down the bottom of the Ladder it once rode atop of.

Would a CC head be more forgiving, I am not really looking for more distance By MaxPower88 in forum Golf Discussion. When I search lead of a golf club it always returns as forward shaft lean. However, I personally don’t think you get punished as much on misses high or low on the face my smaller driver is a Cleveland Launcher cc, so maybe different heads give different results, idk.


I played a Ping 20, recently switched to a Ping G The tour models of the newer drivers are smaller than cc Are there any Mizuno Junkies out there that can help me figure out what I’m looking at?

cc drivers vs around cc drivers? – Equipment – GolfWRX

The smaller heads may offer a bit more control to shape shots, but I’ve found that the larger modern drivers offer move forgiveness on off-center hits. Jerry January 8, But accuracy wise for on center hits, if everything is equal for COR, loft, lie, CG and all assembly specs of a blade oe cavity back, they will be the same for on center hits.

I think they are all valid points here. Hence if all the golf companies could be convinced enough golfers would buy the smaller size driver to make it worth the expense to develop and introduce it, golfers would not skip a beat in terms of the performance they could achieve with a smaller size head.

Posted 24 June – I like it well enough to but can’t help but wonder if there is a big difference with a cc head. I think features like MWT can encourage a lot of second guessing as to whether you have found the right setting and that is not a great way to gain confidence off the tee! Results 1 to 19 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version.


“The net effect of the 460cc driver limit on golf has been devastating, all around the world”

I can feel the force of gravity wanting to close the club face so it can point toe down. It is so addictive, that I am completely spoiled! It has put Both of my Adams drivers, ls and in the dark recess of the golf club closet.

All it really comes down to is what oe prefer.

Left Hand Ping G2 cc * Driver Womens Standard Black Dot | eBay

At cc, my RXD looks plenty big enough for me. The size of the head is likely much less of a factor than the shape and weighting. With those larger heads you can really get away with bad swing mechanics.

I enjoy the company. Brian November 12, Here are a few cc drivers that I am thinking of getting: The shortening of an existing driver causes the swingweight to drop by 3 swt points for each half inch shortened.

It actually is quite nice at address.