It will have frequent, well-defined increments of fixed scope delivered on pre-defined scheduled. Blog The Inflectra Blog contains articles on all aspects of the software lifecycle. Typically, in DevOps, the Plan element is actually composed of two things: Whatever the process, having it as automated as possible, and integrated into the other parts of the Release process release management, configuration management, and change management will reduce the likelihood that avoidable errors will creep in. You need to be able have a repeatable, reliable process for taking all of the built and integrated code, documentation, data, and other artifacts that are created in your CI build pipeline, and package them for deployment and release. The second part — Plan — refers to taking those requirements and developing a set of activities with milestones and roles that will carry out realization of the defining requirements. Our products do not enforce a methodology on you, instead they let you work your way.

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KronoDesk The help desk system, designed specifically for software support teams. When it comes to packaging, you need to have tools and processes that automate the identification of the changed items in the software and packaging of those items appropriately. Orchestrates your automated regression testing, functional, load and performance.

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For example, the requirements, tasks, defects, issues, and associated design artifacts may need to be version ed and tagged with each release branch. SpiraTeam brings your teams together, managing the entire application lifecycle. The development aspects of DevOps are often the ones that we most associate with the DevOps revolution, since they comprise tools and techniques to make the lives of software developers easier, and less reliant on infrastructure from traditional IT organizations.

SpiraPlan SpiraPlan lets you manage your programs and portfolio of projects like never before.

DevOps Using SpiraTeam, Jenkins, and TaraVault

You should make sure your chosen ALM solution supports your unit test frameworks. We are focused on their success using our tools. The developers would write code based on requirements they were given, testers would test the features based on the same requirements hopefully?! We want to help developers extend and customize our tools to fit in with their needs. Once the high – level vision and goals have been described, the more detail ed requirements for the system are defined. The final package will ideally be self-installing techwelll.


This promises to give the deployment and scalability advantages of virtual machines, with tfchwell infrastructure overhead.

Once you have the release plans developed, you often need a way to maintain a history of the different configurations of the tdchwell. Over that 3061, we have grown as a company, changed environments, moved to the cloud and adopted different approaches and methodologies, and we hope that our successes and mistakes will be helpful to you in making good decisions as your teams grow and evolve.

The package process for installable software that customers deploy themselves either on premise or in their 0316 cloud platform — called Platform as a Service PaaS techwwll very different for a Software as a Service SaaS model where you control the environment and the customer simply accesses your application through a URL that you provide. Across Industries Our customers work in every industry imaginable. Depending on your industry and the nature of the application, there may be other specialized forms of testing needed e.

This has the advantage of being the quickest to deploy and restore, however it results in significant duplication of the stack, incurs additional license fees, and makes maintaining the OS and infrastructure costlier.

DevOps Using SpiraTeam, Jenkins, and TaraVault

The tools used for planning and ultimately managing techqell project should be chosen with the adopted SDLC in mind. SpiraTest which is part of SpiraTeam provides world-class support for both traditional test case-based manual testing and freeform exploratory and session testing.

When choosing a release management tool, make sure you understand your process and what techwwll needs are. The advantage of such a forum is that everyone gains ownership of the project and that impediments are identified early. Customers use our tools to help automate repetitive tasks and streamline their business processes using our Robotic Process Automation RPA solutions.


In this sectionwe shall be looking at the Planning aspects of DevOps and how you can use a mixture of Inflectra products and other tools and plugins to improve the Plan aspect of the DevOps Toolchain.

Read about Inflectraour manifesto, and values. News Room Take a look at our press releases, company news, and product announcements. SpiraTeam SpiraTeam brings your teams together, managing the entire application lifecycle. We actively partner with companies and individuals all over the world. T he choice of tools to design, write, compile, and debug code is usually based on the technologies chosen to create the system. Partnerships We collaborate with a wide range of teams to bring our customers a range of services including load testingtrainingand consultationcomplimentary technologiesand specialized tools for specific industries.

Finally, you should make sure you have a well-defined production environment release and communications strategy, so that your users know and expect when product updates will be released, how the changes will affect them, and if you will have a standard or ad-hoc maintenance outage window if the changes will necessitate a planned outage.

It will have frequent, well-defined increments techewll fixed scope delivered on pre-defined scheduled. Unfortunately, the UI is a key part of most systems, and issues in the UI will degrade customer satisfaction, damage customer loyalty, and greatly impact the business overall. In each of the sections of this whitepaper we have a dedicated section on how we perform DevOps at Inflectra.