Certain titles like Sleeping Dogs , Crysis 3 or the Metro series utilize more advanced display techniques than other games and will run closer to 30 FPS on average at maximum settings. Like the Racer 2. The differences between keyboards on Clevo barebones are minor as most are beveled with raised rectangular keys and have a similar layout and overall feel. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. Posted March 2, edited. Im using a m GS with mb ddr2 ram my computer was a custom build from cyber power.

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For the lift all i used was a two thick pieces of rubber eraser stuck on top of each other: The CPU operates only up to 1. Pumped up shaders to Mhz, increasing core over Mhz 196.044 driver instabilities.

Overclocking M GT MB card – Benchmarks & Overclocking – LaptopVideo2Go Forums

I’ve never done it before, so ive no idea what is involved. Similar Threads – T61p Quadro m.

This is impressive considering the horsepower inside, but system noise will easily bump up to the very audible 40 dB A range under even very light loads and will remain steady at this noise level. Subjectively, texts are crisp, colors look deep and the screen is free from the screen door effect that can often be found on budget notebooks. Posted March 2, The following scores are with two different drivers, Also my memory is only DDR2 I find 5,9 quite high.


The X3 is capable of housing up to five internal drives: And run benchmarks in games like Crysis or Left 4 Dead, mostly in graphically intense areas to see what my max temperature is during at least 30minute interval.

And one last thing Mine has two fans positioned prety wierdly so i actually lift the back of my laptop on top of my cooling pad about 5 cm using two thick rubber pieces, which ensures even better air movement.

14″ T61p Quadro FX 570m 128mb Performance

Ruab, I’ll try both of those things tonight when I get home. You are lucky to get I might give win 7 try i just dont like RTMs so much: Yes I’m also very interested in a 3dmark06 for this card. Make sure you don’t try RC, unfortunately it’s a laggy one Edited July 31, by StewDent. However, I am having a heck of a time nvixa get the Dox Posted August 4, Never mind my last post, I manage to break the 10K barrier on 3DMark06 free with the following:.

After that you’ll be able to change clocks in nvidia control panel like that: Noticed something weird, Installed rivatuner and it seames to crash 3dmark06 like every time, i havent done any overclocking just monitoring the gpu temperatures.


Installed rivatuner and it seames to crash 3dmark06 like every time, i havent done any overclocking just nvidq the gpu temperatures. Not locking up – system rebooting out of the game.

Certain areas that do not have the new rubberized surface treatment, such as the inner display bezel, side edges and belly, feel rigid nonetheless with little to negligible warping under applied pressure.

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. I think both, but wait, win7 is significantly more organized than vista, gives nothing but boost: The Elder Scrolls V: FX sort by value.

Cojy, You really made my day! Posted August 3, It’s strange though, the older drivers seem to work fine with a global setting of “3” for nbida Pre-rendered frames. Posted March 3, edited.