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How can I ask a guy if he wants to be friends with benefits? Emily getting fucked by her best friend - more at befucker. We have been seeing each other for a year and when we meet is managed by her other responsibilities. Related Questions How do you ask a girl if she wants to be friends with benefits with you? But also because I have learned from past mistakes that sex, particularly in the beginning is important to most, sex is only one facet of a person and a relationship. We were still same and we enjoyed being together. I believe this is a small group of people who really, truly don't have any emotional connection whatsoever and just enjoy casual and occasional sex.

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We used to talk over phone for long time after college hours in our hostel.

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You've had a platonic friendship with her for most of your lives and you have way more going on in your life than sex. You can reassure her that's not the case. I am basically from Kerala and she was from Tamil Nadu. We both knew going into this we were far too different and discussed the boundaries right from the start. There's less risk of catching a STD from a person in a committed relationship and since they're already a couple they wouldn't require an emotional investment from you.

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