Conceal carry bikini holster

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We could not help but think that this is the holster for those who cannot tolerate an IWB holster. For now, be aware of the muzzle issue! The draw angle was ideal and the retention was superior, due in part to a particularly tight grip on the muzzle end of the slide. Gun security is also good assuming that you wisely choose the pocket in which to carry. The better examples featured good retention for a minimum of leather.

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While a trip to the beach promises fun and relaxation, it also presents special considerations for personal protection:

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Handgun Holster Types: A Complete Guide

If you pick the right gun and holster combination, concealment can be excellent. The main concern is to use a holster that breaks up the outline of the gun so it looks like a wallet or phone. Loops are sturdier and offer excellent adhesion to the belt. The large leather back panel provides stability and a Kydex shell holds the gun. The offset of the holster is greater than some, due to the tunnel loop, but the draw angle is the high point of this holster. This belt has been tested with firearms as small as a 25 caliber Bauer up to a full size Glock 45 using the same belt with built in bikini holster.

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conceal carry bikini holster
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conceal carry bikini holster
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