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These features make the process an excellent choice for high-productivity processes such as some of those discussed previously. However, no on-line, non-destructive method exists by which to inspect this quantity. But other applications, particularly mission-critical or parts with high value, do require some type of monitoring to catch problems. TruLaser Cell Serie For a short focal length optic, focus spot size is small and power density is high.

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From the previous discussion, it can be seen that selecting appropriate focusing optics is essential for achieving optimal welding performance for each different application.

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A model for estimating penetration depth of laser welding processes

However, filler may be added if extra material is required to compensate for joint fit-up or to change chemical composition in the weld metal. It instead has origins in the medical field, where it was initially developed to overcome challenges when using lasers to ablate bone tissue. You May Also Like. A number of types of CO 2 lasers exist, including slow and fast axial flow, diffusion cooled, and transverse flow systems, all with specific advantages for specific applications. Information on deactivating cookies and data protection Ok. In some cases, this requires tailoring product designs to exploit laser welding capabilities. Distortion results in all fusion welding processes because some shrinkage inevitably occurs when the fusion zone solidifies and the material cools to ambient temperature.

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