Interethnic and interracial communication

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The word "ethnicity" is employed in the field of sociology primarily as a label to designate a social group and to distinguish it from other social groups based on common indicators of national origin, religion, language, and race. Intercultural and Intergroup Conflict Resolution: Over time, changes in institutional inequity in interethnic relations in a given society tend to accompany corresponding changes in judicial actions as well as governmental and other institutional policies. The Self in Cultureeds. Today, the traditional American ideology rooted in the primacy of the individual is challenged by the ideology of pluralism, a conflict that has galvanized many Americans into us-against-them posturing in the form of what is commonly referred to as "identity politics" or "politics of difference. Moral Conflict and Transcendent Communication Chapter

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Of course, each society, each locale, and each incident involves a unique set of historical, situational, and psychological twists, making it difficult to generalize about the nature of interethnic relations.

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Other scholars, such as J. The Psychology of Desegregationeds. Definitions and Approaches to Conflict and Communication Chapter 2: Likewise, anthropological approaches to ethnicity emphasize the group-level collective cultural patterns including language, norms, beliefs, myths, values, and worldviews, as well as symbolic emblems, artifacts, and physical characteristics—from foods, flags, folk songs, folk gestures and movements, and folk dances to skin colors and facial features. Ethnic Prejudice in Thought and Talk. Communication between members belonging to different ethnic groups can also be considered a challenge as it brings in more general intergroup controversies.

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interethnic and interracial communication
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interethnic and interracial communication
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