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You may feel really strongly about a movie star or pop star. This is ongoing research and more girls are to be questioned. Sometimes you may have a crush on someone. My crush I had a crush when I started kindy. The girls in these groups responded freely and were happy to agree to differ on some points The questionnaire and focus group questions followed a similar pattern in that they asked what the girls thought should be taught to boys in SRE classes, who should teach them and how sex education could be improved for boys. Many girls in the focus group from the mixed school were concerned that boys refused to take the subject seriously and messed about in lessons.

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About sexual feelings As you reach puberty, there are lots of changes happening in your body that may affect your daily lives, your feelings, your relationships with others and how you see yourself.

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However, it is clear from the work so far that girls and boys hold some similar views on what should be taught in sex education. Strong too have been the call for single sex lessons and male teachers for boys Measor et al. The qualitative questions and the focus group responses were analysed by content and theme analysis and are presented here in summary and by quotations from the girls. In Australia it is against the law to have sexual intercourse when you are under 17 years old. Schools were taken from a wide spectrum to include single sex and mixed schools, a faith school, inner city comprehensives, selective schools and boarding schools. If you feel sexually attracted to another person there are different ways of expressing this.

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