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A woman says that an ad describes a man with his own dungeon. We see a photograph of a man with his hands around the waist of a young woman and the man remarks to the young woman that his pants looked tight in the photograph. I like Mark Wahlberg but strongly dislike him in this role. Merlin, it turns out, wasn't just a magician: Get full reviews, ratings, and advice delivered weekly to your inbox. A bright blast is seen coming from space, landing in a body of water with a splash and turning into a cat-like robot that crashes through a desert. Talk to your kids about

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A man half-jokingly puts up his fists to fight a robot and the robot knocks the man to the ground the man stands up, unharmed.

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Parents Guide

This movie is just The humans still want the Transformers both Autobots and Decepticons gone despite the world-saving actions of the former in the last movies, plot-holes galore such as regarding Bumble-Bee's participation in WW2 and Optimus having never heard his voice since Cybertron when I clearly remembered hearing it in the finale of the first movieand just nothing but snark from the whole cast. Helped me decide If they are marketing this to Big robots, big explosions, one big flop.

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is there nudity in transfomers
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is there nudity in transfomers
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