Around basement in leaking penetration pipe wall water

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Call Now For Free Consultation! Debris and dust is removed from the area around the pipe and, if necessary and present, the previous seal is removed. As the perimeter is dug out, any gardens, patios, walkways, steps, or other landscaping will need to be removed. Once installed, it creates a vapor barrier on your basement walls that will hold back water and humidity. The company fixes basement leaks.

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I got several quotes before going with PCS.

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Pipes Penetration / Water Pipes and Conduits

A common cause of basement leaking are window wells. There should be a drain under all those stones to collects the water. Dampproofing is not intended to stop all moisture from entering your basement. This ensures that the Hydra Stop polyurethane will not leak out. Drywall, studs, and fiberglass can soak up moisture like a sponge, leading to potentially serious mold damage. The company fixes basement leaks.

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