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The trio again join forces in the Rann-Thanagar Holy war. Pandora Trinity of Sin: The team was then approached by the Sons of Trigon. This rivalry continued and intensified when the siblings were sent for warrior training with the Warlords of Okaara. Three days and two nights later, Starfire awakens and works together with her comrades to distract Devilance.

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While investigating, the Titans began to experience unexplained mood-shifts.

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Starfire (Teen Titans)

On the seventh day of the fifth week of 52Starfire is shown to be stranded on a paradise-like planet with Animal Man and Adam Strange. They are then interrupted by more victims of the Lady Styx virus. Modern Masters, Volume 2: Roy openly admits to Jason several times that he loves her, and later on, the pair confess their love to one another. The attempt succeeds, but Buddy is seemingly killed, and Lobo leaves.

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teen titans starfire vs
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teen titans starfire vs
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